Fees and Payments FAQ

Q. What are the costs to set up camps on my site?

A. In addition to the annual enrollment fees, processing (credit card) fees will be taken out for each transaction. This is about 3% (fees varies slightly depending on the type of payment). An additional 3% will then go to PrestoSports to cover technical support.

Q. How will I receive my revenue payments?

A. Payments will be sent electronically via ACH.

Q. What are ACH payments?

A. The Automated Clearing House (ACH) network connects more than 25,000 financial institutions across the country to move money electronically between accounts. ACH transactions fall into two different types: ACH credit and ACH debit. An ACH credit transaction occurs when the originator (such as a business) authorizes a financial institution to send money from its account to recipients’ accounts. The information required to transfer the funds flows from the Originating Financial Depository Institution (ODFI) and gets put into a batch with other ACH requests. The batch is then transmitted to an ACH Operator such as the Federal Reserve at a predetermined time. The ACH Operator transfers the information to the Receiving Financial Depository Institution (RDFI), which deposits the credited amount of money in the recipient’s account.

Q. What are the benefits of ACH payments?

A. With ACH payments you'll receive your payments quicker, as you'll no longer have to wait for a check to arrive in the mail. Our recurring billing process will ensure your revenue is deposited on a consistent basis each month, and the costs associated with these deposits are covered by us. 

Q. Is there an option to receive funds by check?

A. Yes, there is an option to opt out of ACH payments and receive your funds by check. There is an additional cost for this. Please contact accounting@prestosports.com.

Q. Why are my payments coming from Clubessential and not PrestoSports?

A. Clubessential is the parent company of PrestoSports. You can read more about the 2017 acquisition here.

Q. When will I receive my payments?

A. You will receive payment once per month, for the previous month’s revenue as long as your revenue is over $100. For example, we will send you the September revenue in October. If you did not have any registrations in September, you will not receive payment in October. If your revenue is less than $100, we will hold the funds until the next period that you do get above $100. 

Q. How will I know which registrations are included in each payment?

A. Along with each payment, you will receive a detailed revenue report. This includes a camp by camp breakdown of each registration: name/email address, order number, date purchased, gross amount, credit card fee amount, and net amount.

Q. Can I split up my payments for each sport?

A. Yes, we can split up your payments by sport at no additional cost if you are enrolled in ACH payments. Please submit this ACH enrollment form to add new payees.  

Q. How are the payments processed?

A. PrestoSports will process the payments and you will be sent your revenue monthly. After your camper completes the registration and clicks the “Submit” button, they will be directed to the payment page. Registrations are not accepted without payment.

Q. What happens if I refund a camper?

A. PrestoSports will process the refund amount you request within 5-7 days. The processing fees from the original transaction will come out of your next revenue payment. PrestoSports does not keep our 3% revenue split for refunded registrations.

Q. What happens if I cancel and refund my entire camp?

A. If you cancel your entire camp, please keep in mind you will owe the processing fees for each registration. If you have other camps included in the same revenue payment for the same month, we will take those fees out of that revenue. If you do not have any other registrations, we will send you an invoice for the amount owed.

Q. What happens if I cancel and refund my camp after I've received a revenue check?

A. If you've already received revenue checks for the camp, we ask you to send the uncashed check back, and/or write us a check for the amount you owe. We will email you and include a detailed report showing the registrations, refunds, and fees. We will also include an official invoice for any amount owed. Please note this only applies to those who have opted in for revenue checks instead of ACH payments.

Q. What is a chargeback?

A. A chargeback is when a camper files a dispute with their bank, claiming they did not authorize the camp registration charge. When this happens, our team notifies both you and the camper to explain what the charge was for and gives instructions on how to move forward to cancel the chargeback. We'll ask for all communication to be forwarded back to us, so we can show the bank that the customer understood and agreed to the charge. By sharing this "proof" with the bank, we're more likely to win the chargeback case so you don't lose any money.

Q. What happens if we lose a chargeback?

A. If the camper wins the chargeback, they will be automatically refunded the full amount of the registration, plus there will be an additional $20 chargeback fee issued by the bank. This fee will be taken out of your next month's revenue report. If you do not have any new revenue the following month, an invoice will be sent to you from Clubessential. If the camper wins the chargeback, it will be up to you whether you cancel their registration or work to re-collect payment. We suggest to pass along the $20 chargeback fee to the camper since they did originally agree to the charge.

Q. Are there any reasons PrestoSports would hold our payments?

PrestoSports will hold funds if the revenue for the month is under $100. We will hold the funds until the next period that you do get above $100. We will also hold payments if other funds are owed to PrestoSports. This could be for camp refunds OR unpaid invoices from the Athletic Department for website services, mobile apps, etc. We will notify you if any payments are being held.