… and Then I’m Gone 

By: Devin Meister
November 27, 2023
Dillard University uses PrestoAI to save hours.

How Dillard University Asst. AD Matt Bush Saves Hours On Gameday and Every Day

With a lean and dedicated staff, Dillard University has long been at the forefront of technology adoption. When solutions come along that can save time or make staff days more manageable, their leadership has backed it 100%. That’s the opportunity they saw when they saw PrestoAI. Launched in the spring of 2023, PrestoAI is integrated into the PrestoWeb CMS, enabling users to create articles, posts, and more in just seconds. The results? Hours saved, projects completed, and deadlines met. Learn more about the difference PrestoAI has made in the daily operations for Matt Bush, Asst. AD and the entire Dillard University Athletic Department in this interview.

Q: How Much Time Have You Saved thanks to PrestoAI? 

Matt Bush: Definitely hours. Lots and lots of hours. I wouldn’t say it takes me a long time, but it is definitely helpful when I can get that main information down using PrestoAI, add some supporting information around it, and get a story out quickly. It’s definitely saved me a lot of time, especially as somebody who works as a one-person team. It’s been really helpful.

Q: How involved were you in the decision to add PrestoAI?

Matt Bush: Very involved. I have a supportive boss, our athletic director, Dr. Linda Bell. Anytime anything can make anybody’s job easier, it’s ‘let’s do it.’ It’s only the two of us. I handle most of the media, social media, and sports information, so most of the operations fall under me. When we saw PrestoAI I was like, okay, this is it. And even the president, said, yeah, we have to get the AI. Everybody involved understood right away that it would be helpful.

Q: How has PrestoAI impacted your gameday operations?

Matt Bush: I have a team of about 20 students that help me. During the games, mostly I walk around floating and make sure that everybody is fine, the ticket table has what they need, and everything is flowing how it’s supposed to. At the end of the game, my stat person plugs in the stats and takes the laptop upstairs to my office. From there I’ll do my own end of the graphics and then I come into PretoAI. I use the dropdown, spit something out, add the post, and I’m gone. Before, you could sit up there all night trying to hammer out a story. Especially when you lose, those are the hardest stories to write (laugh). Especially when you’re losing constantly – there’s only so many ways to say you lost (laugh).  With PrestoAI, win or lose, it gives you a start. It cuts down on a lot of time for me, important, especially as somebody who works officially alone.

Q: Are you using PrestoAI for anything outside of sports?

Matt Bush: I have done that. This summer we were looking for a strength conditioning coach and I had to write a letter and it, I was like, wow. That’s the first one that comes to mind, but I have used it to do other things outside of writing sports stories or recaps. It’s has been very helpful in providing me with just something – half the time, you just need to start. And so with that, you can go in and insert, delete, and alter as you need. It is been useful for me to cut a lot of time. I used it for numerous things over the summer, like ticket releases and, coaches hirings and those types of things.

Q: What are you looking forward to with PrestoAI

Matt Bush: I think it’s like anything that’s new. It is only going to get better and more in-depth. It’s already in a good spot to give you just that start. And so once it’s doing that, it is like, okay, now I know all I gotta do is click a button and click a button post. It is just going to give me what I need and now I can go onto another task.

The First Steps

PrestoAI is just getting started. We have taken many steps to ensure that PrestoAI serves its intended purpose and causes no harm in that pursuit and have several safeguards in place. Its current training has gone back to information from June 2020, requests about information prior to that date could result in misinformation. Like any article you write or written by a colleague in your office, you should always review it for accuracy prior to publishing. To learn more, download the datasheet    or sign up to access the demo platform and get started with the future of content.