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PrestoStats: Your White Knight

Throughout sports history there are events that cause us to examine and revisit our approach. Whether it’s a small change, like a player’s stance, or a significant change, like the way that we now address concussions, change can have tremendous benefits.

In 2011, Serge Knystautas had a vision to provide PrestoStats as an industry-leading, free solution for every team. While this was a noble vision, the reality is that without proper investment, it is challenging to continually deliver upon such an ambitious vision. Despite making PrestoStats free, we invested millions of dollars into making PrestoStats an amazing solution.

PrestoStats is a live scoring solution that can be used whether you’re on Windows, Mac, or a browser. It features both live scoring and scoresheet modes for both online and offline use. PrestoStats also provides real-time updates, reporting, complete version history, 100% compatibility with StatCrew Legacy and, most importantly, is easy to use. PrestoStats is available for football, soccer, field hockey, volleyball, ice hockey, basketball, lacrosse, baseball and softball today. What you may not know, is that the solution is used by a substantial number of programs today.

While a wonderful solution, we recently took time to seriously evaluate our vision for PrestoStats and determine how we can make this the best solution for college sports (period).  Through that exercise, we reached three significant conclusions:

  1. PrestoStats is an easy-to-use solution that provides a solid statistical entry and management platform for nine sports. The solution can be used regardless of your device, operating system, or location.

  2. In order to address the growing demands on sports statistics, we must invest in PrestoStats to ensure that all needs are being met and that the solution continues to innovate.

  3. We must improve PrestoStats to deliver on our vision of providing the best solutions to our college sports partners.

As a result, we are making the following commitments: For the 2018-2019 sports year, PrestoStats will remain a free solution that is available to all college and university sports programs. We have already begun and will continue to make significant investments in PrestoStats and our team to ensure that the solution meets or exceeds your expectations.

Beginning with the 2019-2020 seasons, we will charge a reasonable fee for our PrestoStats platform. While pricing will be announced later this year, we assure you that pricing will be reasonable and fair. Also, we commit to never raising our price without notice as we recognize that your programs operate on budgets that require planning.

We trust that you will recognize that we are providing a full year for all our sports partners to budget and accommodate this change. We also trust that you will use and enjoy PrestoStats. We believe that once you use the solution, you will find that it is well worth a nominal fee and appreciate the investments we are making.

So, while change can be unexpected, we believe that this is a positive change that will benefit our sports partners and their programs for many years into the future.

As a kick-off to the upcoming season, we are offered a free webinar to introduce and review PrestoStats. If you were unable to join us you can access the archive at

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