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PrestoSports Acquires SIDHelp


Today, we are pleased to announce that PrestoSports has acquired SIDHelp, a leader in college website solutions. This addition to the family joins Stretch Internet and PrestoSports.  The combined company will serve more than 1,400 clients throughout the United States and Canada, including a number of conferences and associations. The combined company will provide web and mobile solutions, streaming video, stats management and other services to colleges and university athletic programs.

“With the combined efforts of PrestoSports, Stretch Internet and SIDHelp, we have solidified our commitment to providing the best solutions and service in the collegiate athletics space,” stated Keith Womack, President of the organization.

“Joining forces with PrestoSports was a natural fit for our company as we looked forward. The ability to offer PrestoStats, PrestoCamps and streaming video to our SIDHelp solution made this a great relationship that will serve our clients well into the future," added Greg Black, Founder and President of Black Diamond IT Services, the company behind SIDHelp. Black and the company’s employees will join PrestoSports as a part of this acquisition.

To SIDHelp clients, we welcome you and look forward to getting to know you better. Please rest assured that this is a positive move for your program and we seek only to build upon the great relationship that you have built with the entire team behind SIDHelp.  

Going forward, please rest assured that our mission remains unchanged. We will simply have more resources to continue building great solutions and service that delight our customers. We are excited to share more about our future plans in the coming months.