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New Year - New Look - Same Commitment

New Year - New Look - Same Commitment

The Story Behind Our New Look

Big changes are on the horizon! For more than 15 years you have come to know the companies and products that make up PrestoSports -- they include Stretch Internet, SIDHelp and PrestoSports. Now that we’re a unified team, we thought it appropriate to build a new, updated look for our company.  

What you'll see first

In the coming weeks you'll see a number of positive changes to PrestoSports. The first of those changes is our new name and logo. We’ve decided to rebrand the entire company as PrestoSports - and yes, that includes a new logo.

While we don't want to be overly dramatic, there is a lot behind our new logo. You'll notice the "P" which represents our name. The angle of the new logo is intentional to show forward progression, evolution, and innovation. The "S" which is embedded in the logo captures our commitment to sports while recognizing our history as Stretch Internet and SIDHelp. These symbols are indicative of the new PrestoSports -- respect for the history with an eye to innovation and progress.

We will also roll out a new website (our customers can’t have all the fun!) and additional ways to communicate with our customers and the industry. In the next few weeks we will publish a new toll-free number available to all clients for all products. Our entire team will use email addresses. We’ll also publish email addresses for Customer Care. Our old email addresses will be active for a few months, but will eventually phase out.  

More than a pretty face

Of course, looks aren’t everything. There is a great deal of substance to the new PrestoSports. Our team is spending a great deal of time wrapping up a number of new projects for the summer of 2019. A few of these exciting launches include:

- A next generation streaming platform, StretchLive, that takes everything that we've learned over the past 15 years and builds upon it to provide a more engaging experience for your fans.

- New reports and features within PrestoStats that provide even more information and insight for your coaches, players, and fans.

- An enhanced payments engine within PrestoCamps that will allow your program to be funded in days rather than waiting weeks.

- Additional features within the website CMS to make the system easier to use.

More announcements will be communicated in the coming weeks and months.

While our name has changed, our commitment to delivering phenomenal customer service and great products to inform and engage your fans is stronger than ever!  Thank you for your continued partnership with PrestoSports. We are the team behind your team, committed to helping you build your brand while engaging your alumni and fans!