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Picture This: Telling Your Program’s Story with Graphics

PrestoSports and infographics help programs build fans for life.

Top coaches pour over statistics and analytics about their team and the competition. And every true fan loves statistics. But take those same game statistics you’ve collected, dunk them in an infographic, and watch your fans’ eyes light up and the social sharing begin. Yes, it’s true: infographics are to statistics as ranch dressing is to raw vegetables – everyone likes them better that way.

The best part is that new solutions enable anyone to create interesting and informative infographics in no time, with existing resources and equipment. 

While infographics can lend themselves to incorporating lots of statistics, their use is virtually endless. Here are just a few of the ways you could tell the story of your events using the data you already have or will collect anyway. 


 Post-Event Stats

Post Race infographic with time ScoreShots

Wrap-up the results of the event with highlights of the key moments and players. Easy to read graphs clearly show the difference-makers in the game, and shining a spotlight on players is always appreciated.


Gameday Announcements

ScoreShots infographich opener

You can get the word out and build hype for the matchup with images that can’t be ignored, priming fans for views and tickets sold. 


Player Spotlights

Combine player statistics, highlights and a quote to get everyone fired up. Or recognize someone from your company or department. Just sayin’ anything is possible. 



ScoreShots lacrosse infographic


Score Updates

ScoreShots infographic score update graphic.


Keep fans everywhere up to date and on the edge of their seats with event details during the event and immediately afterward.



North Gwinnet ScoreShots infographic

If they don’t know, they can’t go. Get their attention early in the season with schedules fans will remember and save.


Video and Motion Graphics


One study showed that video gets shared 12X more than text and image posts combined. It doesn’t take a lot of math to figure out this will extend your reach. Combining video with statistics is a sure winner.

These are just a few of the options available. The only real limitation is your imagination. PrestoSports recently entered an expanded partnership with BoxOut Sports so that our customers can take advantage of this new capability. With more than 260 graphical and new video templates, we look forward to seeing what our customers will create and share this season. From our perspective, statistics aren't for losers, they're for great infographics, building engagement, and creating #fans4life

Want to build excitement and get the word out about your program with easy-to-build infographics? Learn more about PrestoSports and ScoreShots here:

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