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Sports Website Performance – Is Your Site Conditioned for the Upcoming Season?

Just like a football team, your website needs to be in shape to perform.

I LOVE football season. And as any fan can attest, the season doesn’t start with Game 1, the season begins when the athletes report for summer conditioning. Weeks of sprints, drills, play development, and strength training are designed to ensure athletes are ready to perform their best.

A huge part of this conditioning includes study. Athletes review the performance and analytics from the previous season. These sports analytics are a collection of relevant, historical statistics. When applied properly, these stats provide a competitive advantage to the team or and the individual athlete. 

Getting Your Sports Website In Shape

The same holds true for your website performance. Just like your athletic program, your school has invested time and money into the development of your website. From layout and graphics to navigation and content, your athletic website is the hub for your fans, athletes, prospective athletes, and alumni. 

The question is how do you know if you’re winning? You might have a list of  KPIs to measure. You’re most likely paying attention to the amount of traffic to your site, where that traffic is coming from, and what those visitors are actually doing once they reach their destination. 

But how do you know if your analytics are, well, good? How do you know if your site is ready to perform when the season begins?  Like sports stats, website KPIs need to be applied against benchmarks. You can always compare them against your own site performance, or you can compare them to the benchmarks of other similar sites. 

Because we’re rapidly approaching football season, we’ve compiled PrestoSports’ website benchmark data from a study sample size of our customers’ site performance from the 2018 Fall Season. 

 Get your sports website in condition by baselining results against your peers.

 (Download the full-size PrestoSports Benchmark Metrics PDF.)

Takeaways from the Coaches’ Room

Here are some takeaways to consider based on last season’s data to compare to your site’s performance.

  1. With 63.9% of new users navigating to your site from a mobile device, ask phat path are new users taking to your site and what are their goals when they arrive?

  2. We’ve found that new users visit 2.6 pages per visit remain on the site less than 2 minutes. These new users are visiting fewer pages and have shorter visits compared to returning users. How do the paths of your two groups compare? Are the two groups looking for the same thing, or something completely different?

  3. You want users to find what they’re looking for, but you also want to build engagement and have them stick around. With bounce rates hovering around 50%, what is the content that new users are not seeing or finding that would extend their first visit?

  4. Mobile users outnumber desktop users by over 50%, but desktop users are twice as engaged, especially returning desktop users. What parts of your desktop experience is keeping users engaged? Can it be transferred to mobile?

  5. What about the “3-click rule” that says visitors should be able to find anything in three clicks? That’s a good guide for starters, but it’s just that: a guide. We see that new visitors appear to accomplish that goal. But those returning visitors, the true dedicated fans, are not lost, but likely sticking around and accomplishing more than one task. You’ll only really know by looking deeper into the data.


Any coach will tell you that accurately evaluating your players and your competition is a key to success. As you begin to monitor performance for the football and fall sports season, we hope this provides some insight on your site’s performance as well as identifies some trends that you might want to plan for.

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