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Collection of Players vs Team

Players working together as a team are stronger than a collection of players as individuals.

Winning a championship in a team sport takes more than the effort of any single player. It takes multiple individuals pulling together as a team. We’ve all seen the teams stacked with the best players that don’t gel and fail to meet the expectations, and the over-achieving teams of no-names that upset the favorites. That’s why Lebron James worked to ensure that he had a supporting cast of players around him in Cleveland that would give them a chance to win a championship. He might have been the single best player in the game, but he couldn’t achieve his bigger goals alone. 

It can be the same with the technology you use to connect your program with fans everywhere. While you could select individual solutions for specific needs, having a system that is designed and already “gelled together” makes it easier for all involved. Working from a single platform has a number of advantages that help move you towards a championship experience. The following are some things to consider. 

A Unified Brand and Program Experience

When fans visit your site they don’t want to be shuffled from one place to another. They want to find everything they need, within reach and without big leaps or jarring changes. This serves multiple functions. First, it keeps visitors engaged with your brand and establishes you as the go-to source. That way fans aren’t starting from zero every time they want information about your program. Having a collection of different technologies loosely coupled together can result in fractured and inconsistent brand user and visual experience. Second, it creates a 

One Place for Administrators

Nobody likes managing passwords and switching back and forth between systems. It’s glaringly inefficient as you move across systems to try to complete tasks. Too often it also requires the input of the same data and information multiple times, creating opportunities for errors in addition to being inefficient. Multiple systems also make onboarding and managing users more difficult than necessary, and can also create security gaps. 

Natural Integration Between Programs

You could have a great website. You could have a leading-edge video streaming option. But if they don’t work together in a natural way, you’ll have a less than optimal user experience. The same goes for other siloed parts of your technology. And odds are, you or someone in your program will be continuously working to tweak the programs to get and keep them connected properly. 

Simplified Updates

If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it, is a motto for another time. Software companies, PrestoSports included, are continuously looking for new and better ways to serve their customers. That benefits everyone – except the user that has a variety of independent solutions integrated together. All too often, a great update for one solution will have an adverse impact on other solutions the user depends on. The disparate providers aren’t connected and have no way of knowing what will result. The biggest problem is that you likely won’t know until it’s broken, making it difficult to prepare for the outage until it’s too late. Single platforms inherently have the advantage of testing updates and their impact throughout the system to minimize disruptions for users. 

One person to Call for Support

While everyone shoots for 100% uptime, that’s not the reality of the world. In addition, new associates coming on board and departing employees taking knowledge with them means that there are going to be questions. Finding the right person to answer those questions among a tangle of solutions can be a nightmare. That’s when you’ll really appreciate being able to resolve any question with one call to the source. 

Single Platform Success

With a single platform you are essentially joining a winning team and missing the early struggles of the rebuilding years. Not building it yourself lets you focus on what you do best as efficiently as possible, while their management team adds the players you need to maintain your championship presence. 


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