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Gain an Advantage By Leveling the Playing Field at the NCAA Convention 2020

Technology helps programs of all sizes level the playing field.

The Astros, Red Sox, Patriots … all winning teams in the headlines for gaining an advantage by, well, (supposedly) cheating. Finding that edge, that winning formula, is something athletic programs research, evaluate and test. But what if I told you that you could gain a competitive advantage by simply leveling the playing field?

It’s true. Greg Sage, Assistant Athletic Director at Belmont University explained that, “technology plays an indispensable role in what we do, because it’s all about content creation and delivery.” This enables them to level the playing field and cater to the people who care about them the most. As Greg shared, they (Belmont) aren’t going to get an SEC-style football locker room (they don’t have a football team) or private chartered jets any time soon. But through technology and partnerships with companies like PrestoSports they can narrow the gap and create an outsized presence. “We want people to think, ‘wow, is that Clemson’s football or Belmont women’s cross country?’ You really can create a comparable end product if you’re just thoughtful and strategic on the front end,” he believes. 

At the NCAA Convention this January, we’re going to reveal some of the secrets to leveling the playing field. You can schedule a consultation with a member of our team to discuss any, or all, of the topics below.


Amp Up Your Brand Presence and Funding

  • Quickly share visually engaging social content from your website 

  • Manage online camp enrollment, registrations and payments, and email reminders

  • Elevate the image of your camp through a fully branded custom website 

  • Use social media integration to promote camp events to your fanbase 


Shine a Spotlight on Your Athletes

  • Utilize custom-designed graphics including player features and video boards

  • Showcase your teams’ look and personality with 260 infographic templates

  • Capture professional video highlights and individual plays to share across platforms


Elevate and Evaluate the Performance of Your Teams

  • Simplify stats efforts to enable easy in-game scoring and statistics 

  • Create extensive reports and share data automatically with the NCAA 

  • Gather, organize and deliver schedules, standings, box scores, and more – in real-time


Equip Your Staff to Take Control  

  • Increase productivity and enhance the fan experience with a single platform

  • Provide scheduling flexibility with the ability to start, stop, and test events 24/7

  • Deliver a single location for game stats and scores, event-specific tweets, instant highlights and recent plays

  • Enhance production work with direct integration into the new PrestoSports StretchLive video platform and other streaming options

  • Manage broadcasts directly from a staff member’s mobile device 


Is there something else that will give you that competitive advantage? Stop by the booth and let us know. We won’t steal signs, but we will build technology that delivers out-sized performance and levels the playing field for your program.