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Top 10 Trends for 2020

PrestoSports picks the ten top trends for sports technology platforms for universities, conferences, leagues, high schools and more.

What's in store for 2020? Here is what we see on the horizon for sports technology platforms and their users, our top 10 trends of 2020. 

10. Diverse Partnerships - Look for new venture opportunities – from hardware and software companies integrating technology, to restaurants and food trucks replacing concessions in venues, to things we haven’t thought of yet. This will result in shared revenue across different platforms through mutually beneficial sponsorships, and content created specifically for the partnership.


9. Home Again to the Website. Custom websites dedicated to your athletic program will be the launching pad for all of your channels. While it might not be the rocketship that gets the attention, smart programs will make it the starting point and foundation for visitors to choose their own journey and discover new ones. 


8. Personalized and Tailored Content. One channel for everyone won’t work anymore. Content will have to be tailored to each channel and the audience that gathers there. That means for starters the tone and language should match the channel, and at an advanced level, tailoring individual messages based on personal preferences.


7. Efficiency – Doing More with Less. Two things are for certain: one everyone is expected to do more. Two, you’re unlikely to increase your headcount. Doing more will require thinking differently. That’s where tech will save the day. From streaming setups that let one person broadcast like a full-production truck to integrated stats and graphic platforms to basic simplified social and website updates efficiency will increase in the office, stadiums and on the go. 


6. Empowering Athletes - With recent changes in California athletes will pay more attention to their image and strive to make it professional. The more programs can assist those athletes the stronger the program will be - from recruiting to the fans following. Look for athletes to take a business-like approach to their brand and for smart programs to find ways to support them. 


5. More Screen Time, Less TV means more Social Video – People love to watch – wherever they are. And TV is hardly part of the picture. Bet on the small screens and think social, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, and whatever comes next – with the sound off! Videos on social media generate 1200% more shares than texts and images.


4. Visual Storytelling - Athletes and programs will try to one-up the competition with stats and infographics spread across social channels. They could possibly eclipse websites in views and visits. As everyone looks to take control of their brand, expect less swinging for the fences and a more consistent small-ball approach that wins in the long run. 



3. Advanced Stats - The best-funded sports will move into AI-generated stats, sensors, and bots on all types of measurements. Everyone will be upping their stats game from professionals to colleges to high schools, with better inputs and better sharing capabilities. 


2. Creative Funding - With school budget cuts looming and universities cutting athletic programs due to lack of funding, Creative fundraising programs will rise in response to the need and the wild success of GoFundMe and other platforms like it. We look for sports to harness the power of crowds, fans, advocates and to be incorporated into live events and gamified. 


1. Live Streaming Video is only going to get bigger and more omnipresent: games, practice, behind the scenes. A challenge? Scheduling and getting the audience there on time. Good news? "63% of people aged 18-34 watch live streaming content regularly." 


Catch more details of what's in store for the industry and our technology in a live webinar on January 15th, Big-Play Plans for 2020