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PrestoSports 2020 Summer Camp

PrestoSports 2020 product days provide an overview of everything you need to get started.



The 2020/21 seasons are going to be different, no doubt about it. That doesn’t mean we expect them to require less from your end. On the contrary, you should anticipate being as busy as ever and continually pushing and learning new things. That’s why we put together the 2020 Summer Camp. Two-a-days don’t have anything on us – we’re going straight through. You’ll exit our camp with a full understanding of how PrestoSports can enable your success and details on how to put your plan in action. Select sessions below to watch now. If you have questions or you're ready for the next step, get a demo. 

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Day One - All Things Streaming


Day Two - The Big-Lift Mega Day


Day Three - Wrapping Up the Honors