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PrestoSports Helps Dillard University Stand Tall

PrestoSpots helps the Dillard University Bleu Devils achieve their goals.

The role and capabilities of athletic departments have changed dramatically in recent years. Not that long ago, we were limited to what we could write and maybe photograph. To reach a broader audience we were dependent on outside news and sports media to either pick up the stories we submitted - or not. Flash forward to today and the opportunities for communicating are wide-open. Everyone has the ability to publish stories to multiple owned channels and create their own broadcasts. That doesn't mean that athletic program budgets have seen the same infinite expansion. The limits now are based on hours, but the expectations have expanded with the technical capabilities even if the size of the staff has not. 

Never one to shy away from an opportunity to have their student-athletes and university shine, the Dillard University Bleu Devils led by Athletic Director, Dr. Kiki Baker Barnes, found a way to elevate their program to meet their goals with PrestoSports. 

"Knowing that our athletes will have the exposure on all platforms where their friends are, their parents are where alumni are, again helps in terms of increasing our brand presence in our industry," says Dr. Barnes. Hear how she says PrestoSports helps the Beu Devils stand tall among their peers and athletic programs everywhere. 



Discover how Dillard University creates a presence that rivals much larger institutions. 


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