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Streamlining Athletic Conference Workflows

PrestoSports streamlines workflows for the Commonwealth Coast Conference.

PrestoSports has made a huge difference at the Commonwealth Coast Conference, making it easier for staff and schools to update information and streamlining everyone's day. We caught up with Gregg Kaye and Doug Chin, Commissioner and Associate Commissioners at the Commonwealth Coast Conference respectively, to hear how PrestoSports has impacted their operations. You can watch the interview or read the transcript below. 


What has the change to PrestoSports meant for you for your workflow and what the biggest advantage that you've seen?

Gregg: What was really nice was that as a staff of two people, we used to update scores and the website manually. That pretty much would lock the staff into what I would call website duty for a couple of hours. The ability to pick up scores and stats and other information as people would upload it to the system on their end really made our life a lot easier. It was also a lot easier for schools that many times would also have to wait for their opponents to provide them with the information they needed to update their websites. So it really saved a lot of work. It saved a lot of dependency on people having to physically send information to others who needed it and on the dependency that we had with other folks.

Doug: Also, the network aspect of Presto has been great for us. A lot of my responsibilities are dealing with our sports information directors and making sure that they're communicating with us, and I also manage our award system. Having that ability to run all of that through the PrestoSports system has really streamlined that process from the all-conference awards to weekly awards. That's been a huge benefit to us.

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