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Amplifying Sports Social Presence

Dillard University creates a winning social media team with PrestoSports.

University athletic programs are always looking for ways to get the most from their resources and to provide students with valuable experiences. When it comes to communications and spreading the word, everyone points to social media due to the cost of entry - free! But anyone who has worked to build a successful presence knows that while the access might be free, it takes a lot of time to make it happen. And time is one resource that is definitely finite. That's why Dillard University has leveraged their PrestoSports solution and turned to their students for help and to give them relevant experiences. 

“We can create as many profiles as we want for our students. Our students are going to be the ones who are helping us create those pieces for the broadcast.” Dr. Kiki Baker Barnes, Director of Athletics, Dillard University.

"We tried the strengths of Facebook, but because of the music that we were playing inside the arena, we don't have the right to play that music. So we actually have stopped with the stream options, Facebook, but we do utilize Twitter. And we bring in the Twitter feed to where we're able to share tweets on screen, people who are actually watching the game. What we do is we use some of the videos that are clips that we get from the game. And we post those after the fact, or we have a student who actually walks around with an iPad the entire game and they're taking clips and things and they're posting them natively." Hear Dr. Kiki Baker Barnes in her own words from an interview conducted in November 2020.  


Next Steps

Now they are taking it a step further with an integrated social graphics solution. "This year we just signed up with ScoreShots. We've only had two games due to COVID for this year. So we, depending on how this goes to the next semester, we're hoping that we'll be able to utilize score shot for, we did, this will be our first year in ScoreShots, definitely looking forward to it."


See for Yourself - Start a ScoreShots Trial