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Just What Fans Ordered

Getting support and corrections has been integral to Coastal Commonwealth Conference success.

Fans want information when they want it, and they'll let you know when they can't get it. That's when the leaders at the Commonwealth Coast Conference are glad they teamed with PrestoSports. The organization of the site keeps information flowing, and if there is an issue, PrestoSports support is there to make things right in a timely manner.

"I think folks are very appreciative of the site we have and the way that it's organized," says Gregg Kaye, Commissioner of the Commonwealth Coast Conference. "It's one of those things where, more often than not, I think you hear from people when things aren't going right than when things are going to plan. The good thing is those contacts are really few and far between. That means, all in all, we've got a good site that's providing people with what they need."

"A lot of the comments from fans that we get are usually when something doesn't look right or something like that," adds Doug Chin, Associate Commissioner. "On the rare occasion when we've experienced anything, we've been very fortunate that we've reached out to the PrestoSports team and they've been able to correct whatever errors there may be in a pretty timely manner. So while the feedback from fans or parents has been limited to problematic things, the experience we've had has been good in terms of getting those things corrected." Hear them in their own words below: 



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