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Best Practices

  • Small Athletic Staff, No Problem for Dillard University Athletics Streaming
    June 04, 2021
    "Video is everything." That's what Dillard University, Director of Athletics, Dr. Kiki Baker Barnes says. "That's the one thing I've learned in terms of marketing. And again, this is an area where I'm growing just as a leader and understanding that space, but people really interact a lot better with video."
  • 40 Live Streaming Tips To Make Your Broadcast Better
    No doubt about it: Broadcasting anything live has its challenges. There’s no stopping and no do-overs, which makes multitasking mandatory and quick thinking critical. You also never know exactly where your content might take you.
  • 4 Multi-Camera Production Techniques
    Using multiple cameras for your live broadcast has its advantages. You can cover more territory and enhance the content with varied angles and interesting shots—all of which have the potential to make your live stream more appealing to viewers. In case you missed it, the key word there is potential.
  • 4 Live Streaming Mistakes To Learn From
    You rarely hear the word boring in relation to live streaming. Most live streamers could probably throw together a blooper reel in the space of a few minutes, made up solely of production blunders and unexpected incidents from past live events. And it’s not just the homegrown productions that face the perils of a live broadcast.
  • What Is The Cost Of Live Streaming An Event?
    This article is for all you potential live streamers out there who have questions about the cost of live streaming an event, in particular: “Does live streaming cost money?” and/or “How much does live streaming cost?”
  • Northwoods League: Why We Started Pay Per View Live Streaming
    The Northwoods League, the largest organized baseball league in the world (and a Stretch client) switched to PPV nearly seven years ago. And according to Glen Showalter, VP of Operations, they’ve never looked back. We talked with Glen recently about the League’s PPV experience and why they decided to switch to a paid live streaming model in the first place.
  • PrestoSports and NewBlue Partner to Bring Full-Scale Sports Production to All Colleges, Universities and Affiliated Organizations
    PrestoSports and NewBlue announced at NAB 2019 a strategic partnership to launch an innovative new sports streaming solution, meeting the production demands of the college sports industry.
  • Athletic Broadcasting and Streaming
    With recent changes in the industry, broadcasting, and technology, the expectations have changed all around.
  • The Future of Sports Streaming
    As the world becomes more comfortable with and counts on sports streaming, the production expectations continue to rise. Smart athletic programs are figuring out ways to meet those rising expectations and planning ahead.
  • South Atlantic Conference Announces Streaming Partnership with PrestoSports
    The South Atlantic Conference and PrestoSports have announced a partnership to deliver a conference-wide digital network. The SAC and it’s 13 member institutions will utilize PrestoSports and the StretchLive Streaming platform to stream all member events and SAC Championships on the SAC Live Digital Network.  
  • StretchLive EP
    StretchLIve was created to simplify your work and enhance the fan experience, see how the embeddable player takes it to the next level.