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Connect to Your Audience for the Win, Win.

Your biggest fans want to engage and be a part of your program. Streaming gets them in on the action, while unique loyalty, rewards, fundraising, and other innovative programs, make them a vested party. The PrestoSports Super Suite enables you to provide direct connections between your program and your biggest fans with avenues for them to contribute in meaningful and sustainable ways. Programs have seen amazing results in just a short amount of time - a campaign for one university quickly achieved $10,000 a week and ultimately reached $20,000 per week in a sustained effort. Your fans get connected. You get increased funds. Everyone wins.

Build your brand with PrestoSports Super Suite

How You Can Increase Revenue and Funding with the PrestoSports Super Suite

  • Easily launch participation campaigns for fans through a unique portal and built-in success templates:

      - Send personalized dynamic emails at the perfect time
      - Promote your campaign across social media platforms
      - Encourage giving on everyone?s favorite channel via SMS
  • Set appropriate and varying permission access levels to fundraising campaigns program-wide.
  • Meet your audience where they are with fundraising call-to-actions on your web and social channels.
  • Get maximum attention with minimum effort through simple and effective fundraising campaigns and videos.
  • Continuously improve your efforts with the ability to track and measure fundraising participation and performance.
  • Sell and leverage select ads across your web and mobile assets - and keep what's yours!
  • Build credibility and a professional experience by utilizing pre-roll and mid-roll advertising on your streams.
  • Harness your biggest fans and tap into casual watchers with PPV programs for single games, seasonal packages, or program-wide offerings.

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