How AI Can Automate Your Best Content Now

You have great content, what you don’t have in the middle of a season is time. Discover why the future is now and why video automation tech is here to stay. Learn how you can use AI to automatically create clips and highlights of your top plays or even condensed games. That means the best content your fans want and no additional work from you. It’s a win-win.

You’ll See Firsthand:

  • How REELY uses algorithms to mine your top content

  • How you can automate an entire calendar of content

  • Super simple editing tools and social media integrations

  • The road ahead and why you should move now

Webinar Details

Title: Using AI to Automate Your Content and Streamline Distribution

Recording Date: Tuesday, April 21, 2020


About the Presenters

Ian Stephens
CMO and Co-Founder of REELY

Ian brings a breadth of experience and creativity that has been instrumental to the creation and development of REELY’s proprietary computer vision and deep learning system. With a passion for what’s next, he has helped create scalable solutions for sports and eSports leagues, teams, and content distributors around the world.  

Tim Claus
Vice President Of Business Development at REELY

Tim has been apart of the online streaming community for the past 15 years. While at REELY Tim has been focused on developing the collegiate marketplace for REELY.  Prior to REELY Tim assisted in developing and building the largest amateur Ice Hockey streaming platform, HockeyTV. An avid Boston sports fan, he has enjoyed the past 20 years of success on the ice, field, court, and diamond.

J.D. Fox
Director of Partnerships, PrestoSports

With a passion for sports and technology, J.D. brings a wealth of experience and insights into the future of sports technology platforms and their impact on the fan experience.