Introducing PrestoStats Automated Scorebug

The PrestoStats Automated Scorebug frees you to focus on replays and sponsors by creating a high-quality scorebug fed by your live stats. And it couldn’t be more simple to use and enhance your production level! As long as you have access to stat the game, you’ll have access to launch the scorebug. Just look for the “Launch Scorebug” button next to “Launch PrestoStats.” Watch a quick overview video.

Automated Scorebug Overview

What Does the Automated Scorebug Do?

  1. It frees you during streams, effectively adding another person to your crew. Now you can focus on Replay, sponsors, commercials and content instead of updating the score!

  2. It increases the production value of your stream, with real-time stats in a great-looking scorebug with the associated team colors.

What will the Automated Scorebug Show?

We’ve built-in access to different stats depending on the sport. See examples below.

Baseball: count, who is on base, and how many outs.

Football: down, distance to first down, position on the field, and team with possession.

Currently Available Scorebugs

Sports Available as of October 17th:

  • Football
  • Soccer
  • Baseball

Coming Soon:

  • Basketball, Ice Hockey(Late Oct 22)
  • Volleyball, Lacrosse, Softball, Water Polo(Jan 23)
  • Field Hockey (Aug 23)

Getting Started?

Learn more on our help page here.