Introducing PrestoStream Studio

Enhancing the Sports Streaming Experience

Mix, enhance, and broadcast your events to the world! Whether you’re using Windows or Mac, PrestoStream Studio allows your viewers to enjoy clear HD streams (up to 1080p) and stream to PrestoSports or any video provider that accepts RTMP.

Watch some of the most exciting features of PrestoStream Studio and get a preview of some upcoming advanced features:

  1. Instant Replay – Replay your most important plays quickly with Hot Key activation.

  2. NDI or RTMP Sources – Include Wireless cameras and connect to AI Cameras you already have.

  3. Scene Transitions – Change scenes with Hot Keys for a more professional look.

  4. Manual Scorebug – Choose from a variety of sports templates or use a generic scoreboard.

  5. COMING SOON! PrestoStats Automated Scorebug – Your live stats from PrestoStats are automatically converted into scorebug data for your broadcast for your major sports. Simply add the URL (located on the event page in PrestoStats) as a Browser Source inside Studio. The Scorebug updates as you update your stats.


“As many of us prepare for fall sports, I encourage you to register for this webinar so that you can learn more about an enhanced streaming solution that will delight and engage your audience.”

Chris Sapp
Product Owner: Stream

Webinar Information

Title: Enhancing the Streaming Experience: PrestoStream Studio
Details: Live Webinar showcasing features + Q&A with PrestoStream product experts
Recordings will be made available to all registrants after the webinar concludes