Lacrosse Stats Software

PrestoStats Platform provides real-time updates, creates extensive reports, and is easy to use. Automatic updates of season stats, individual player stats, and game stats increase traffic to your site. PrestoStats will share data automatically with the NCAA and other websites within the PrestoSports network. You can easily enter data using a keyboard with familiar keystrokes, mouse or touch screen to stats plays. The web-based platform works offline and you also have use of a post-game scoresheet entry system for all stats not compiled in-game. PrestoSync (included) automatically enables you to push or pull scoreboard information directly from your venue, engaging viewers online and at the event while you stay focused on replays, sponsors, and any other task.

Now supporting customizable game periods and/or halves, PrestoStats for Mens and Women’s Lacrosse can be your program’s solution for both indoor and outdoor lacrosse formats.