What Is The Cost of Live Streaming?

By: Chris Sapp
November 5, 2022
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This article is for all you potential live streamers out there who have questions about the cost of live streaming an event, in particular: “Does live streaming cost money?

The answer is sometimes yes and sometimes no. Different platforms and providers offer different pricing, support and feature tiers. So, it depends more on what you’re trying to accomplish. Which brings to the next question: “How much does live streaming cost?” Let’s compare Free vs Paid platforms first.

Free Vs Paid Platforms

Free live streaming platforms like YouTube or Facebook Live are designed to stream from many devices (including your smartphone) to a full fledged broadcasting setup. Because it’s a free model there is no active support in most cases. Most of our clients that come from these platforms are here because they want to have technical support available for the staff responsible for the stream. In some cases they’ve been shut down by YouTube for playing copyrighted content, like music, on the broadcast.

Paid services like PrestoStream are built to be a partner in your success and vision. Our platform was built for athletic conferences, single schools and single organizations trying to reach their specific audience. We help get your content onto your own website and provide sites for viewing as well. Our live support monitors that your event starts on time, looks for issues during your broadcast, and can answer requests from your fans. We also have software that can help mix and broadcast your stream without needing to have a ton of technical expertise.

We’re not just about College Athletics, here are some other types of streams we have hosted!

  • Professional Minor League Baseball
  • Summer Amatuer Baseball Leagues
  • Daily Mass and Church Functions
  • Mixed Martial Arts
  • Civic Government Meetings
  • Auto Races
  • School Administrative, Music and Theatrical Events
  • Beauty Pageants

Pay Per View options

With PrestoStream, you have a choice to offer streams for free or Pay Per View. For organizations that only benefit financially during live events like Tournaments it’s imperative to be able to increase revenue with streaming PPV. You can charge per event as well as for a tournament or weekend event. We’d be happy to discuss the best method for your organization.


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