Maximizing Technology to Evolve with the Playing Field

How to Love the Games and Your Job

We all love the games. Sometimes it’s not as easy to love all of the business and tasks that surround them. But that’s how you truly elevate and raise your program.

With the PrestoSports Super Suite, the industry’s first comprehensive integrated solution, we’ve worked to maximize technology to evolve with and level the playing field – and we learned a lot on the way. Discover how you can:

  • Create lasting and meaningful engagement with your fans,
  • Build your brand into an enduring powerhouse
  • Scale and maximize your resources without burning out
  • Find creative and innovative ways to fund your program

With unique insights, stats, and journey maps you can use, you’ll see how you can achieve your business goals through technology and still love the games and your job. Watch now to see how you can elevate your program.


About the Presenter

Marilyn Cox
President, PrestoSports

Marilyn Cox is the President of PrestoSports, where she leads all aspects of company growth, brand, and strategy. Most recently, she was the Chief Marketing Officer for Clubessential Holdings – the parent company of Clubessential Holdings – a role which gave her insights into the different ways that athletic administrators have to compete for the time, attention and money of their audience. Her experience with technology companies including Oracle has allowed her to develop digital experiences for programs like the Golden State Warriors, Chicago Bears, and Washington Capitals. She earned her Bachelor’s Degree from Ohio State University and her Executive MBA from Xavier University.