Newsletter | April 2023

By: Jenn Larsen
April 28, 2023

5 Ways to Use AI In Your Athletic Department

It’s a fact: everyone is pressed for time. It’s also true that you need to create content to connect with fans, promote your athletes, and build recognition for your programs. PrestoAI can save you hours by creating unique posts, articles, and more in just minutes. Starting with simple prompts that you enter the platform its natural language processing capability delivers engaging written content that you can post and publish throughout your PrestoSports solution. Check out these five real examples of content commonly created by athletic departments written by PrestoAI Article Writer.

Seriously, if you haven’t already checked it out, click below to check it out. Trust us you’ll thank us later – it’s a game changer!

Get a Cutting-Edge Custom Look – and Cut Time and Costs

PrestoSports Designs on Themes 2.0

We heard your feedback! We’re excited to introduce 10 new innovative website designs that your staff, athletes, and fans will love. These new theme layouts are designed to give your institution a modern web presence that builds your brand identity, meets your technical needs, and streamlines your daily processes.

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Discover 2023 Website Tiers

Choose from the PrestoSports Core, Pro, or Premium levels and you’ll get a customized, branded website solution specifically for your athletic program, with responsive design, SSL encryption, and ADA/WCAG compliance (other features available upon request). You and your staff will enhance the image of all your sports, with sports calendars, rosters, coach profiles, and the ability to add additional pages to tell your story and build your brand.

Click below to learn more about the new 2023 Website Tiers.

PrestoSports Mythbusters

It takes me so much time to write a game recap.

PrestoAI has been trained to assist you in your game recaps and has the ability to read your stat CSVs to write a release in seconds!

PrestoSports Intake Form

The goal of our intake form is to help alleviate issues with our clients not knowing who to contact, how to contact, and getting routed to the incorrect department when trying to contact us.

Employee Spotlight

Meet Chris Towle, Client Champion

Resident of: Columbus, Ohio

Time at PrestoSports: 2 years

Family: My wife Danielle and our two kids

Hobbies: Playing basketball and talking about all sports. Hanging out with my kids.

What I am Currently Binge-watching: Parks and Recreation

Most Recent Accomplishment: First in my family to graduate from college!

Why I Enjoy Working at PrestoSports: My fellow co-workers and management have always made it feel like a family here. There has always been an amazing work-life balance. It is a fun place to work with endless knowledge to discover.

Favorite Quote/Words to Live By: “If you don’t like change, you’re going to like irrelevance even less.” —Eric Shinseki

Quick Tips from An Insider

New Features!

Coming soon, player biographies and roster records can now be linked to their social media accounts. Direct fans to your players Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Twitch, TikTok, and any recruiting profiles from their biography, putting NIL at the forefront of your program and site. Interested in adding this neat feature to your teams? Reach out to your implementation manager to get started today.


Does your school, conference, or organization host awards? Did you know PrestoSports has a solution to create, administer, and finalize athletic and athletic-academic awards? Already including a library of pre-defined or customized templates, along with Gameday CMS integrated nomination and voting services; today PrestoAwards is the leader in the industry.


Coming soon, in addition to box score uploads accounts without live stats access can now enter PrestoStats scoresheet mode without a license. PrestoStats scoresheet mode allows users to enter primary game results and statistics that can be downloaded and added to your team site.

Additional updates to the PrestoStats legacy platforms include:

  • Added weather delay time in PrestoStats baseball
  • Updated baseball advanced stats reports to optionally group player records by career and season ID.

Football Stats

Coming this fall, we’ll be adding a new and improved version of Football to PrestoStats, completely changing the scorekeeper experience from the broadcast booth. The complete stats experience will include roster management, custom rule application, end to end game entry, and standardized game report generation. If your school or conference has a football program, reach out to your sales or client success manager today to be onboarded for the fall!

Tennis Stats

Entering its second season, PrestoStats Tennis has proven to support a variety of match and event formats. Based on the feedback you have provided, we have started work on a feature to support a combination of set and match tiebreakers that will allow you to optionally trigger either or both scenarios as needed for a given match.

Flag Football Stats

  • Added a confirmation step to review event settings prior to starting your game.
  • Added ‘Safety’ play sequences that can be optionally triggered as needed, and rules defined before starting the event.

Interested in trying out PrestoShots? Sign up for a trial account that’s integrated with the PrestoSports Super Suite today!

PrestoStream Studio

We’ve added Softball, Hockey, and Basketball to the PrestoStats Automated Scorebug allowing you to highlight your sponsors and display live stats. If you have access to start the game, you will have access to launch the Scorebug. Just look for the “Launch Scorebug” button next to “Launch PrestoStats.”

Contact your Client Success Manager to sign up for PrestoStream Studio today.


Have you checked out Gamecast? It’s the best way for fans to experience your games right through your PrestoMobile app! With Gamecast, fans can follow along with the live action stats as you enter them. Even better, if you are streaming with us, they video live too. Already streaming? Streaming Player is also available right inside the event, making PrestoMobile a one stop shop for fans craving your games. You can even pair Gamecast and Streaming together to give them an unparalleled view of the game!

Real Time Updates

What’s going on?! Don’t wait and wonder, subscribe to our System Status Update to get real-time updates of any system issues and expected timing for resolutions. You’ll save time by not reaching out to support and can stay focused on helping your team! You can receive these message updates through email, text, webhook, RSS, and Slack.

Steal Our Sports Marketing Playbook

To meet new fan and program expectations athletic departments have to work as a seasoned team in every facet and in interaction with both athletes and fans. It’s a big ask of already lean departments – that’s the reason we created this playbook.

What’s inside:

  • Downloadable Templates
  • Marketing Strength-building Exercises
  • Calendars to Keep you on Schedule
  • Work plans for Error-free Execution

It’s everything you need to help get your team up to game speed in the shortest time possible.