Newsletter | August 2022

By: Abby Rossi
August 17, 2022
August Newsletter 2022, for the love the of game.

A Message from the President

Updates about new resources, additional staff, upcoming communications, and other influences in the people, processes, and technology that make PrestoSports work for you.


PrestoStream Studio


Introducing PrestoStream Studio | Enhancing the Sports Streaming Experience

Mix, enhance, and broadcast your events to the world! Whether you’re using Windows or Mac, PrestoStream Studio allows your viewers to enjoy clear HD streams (up to 1080p) and stream to PrestoSports or any video provider that accepts RTMP.

Plus get a preview of some upcoming advanced features:

  1. Instant Replay – Replay your most important plays quickly with Hot Key activation.

  2. NDI or RTMP Sources – Include Wireless cameras and connect to AI Cameras you already have.

  3. Scene Transitions – Change scenes with Hot Keys for a more professional look.

  4. Manual Scorebug – Choose from a variety of sports templates or use a generic scoreboard.

  5. COMING SOON! PrestoStats Automated Scorebug – Your live stats from PrestoStats are automatically converted into scorebug data for your broadcast for your major sports. Simply add the URL (located on the event page in PrestoStats) as a Browser Source inside Studio. The Scorebug updates as you update your stats.

Pushing Your Athletic Website to Go the Extra Mile

In sports, we praise the players that give 110%, go the extra mile, and put in the work. We know that’s what brings success in sports now and later in life. The same is true with your athletic program. The website is your program’s online face to the world. Is it giving you its all? Consider the following questions and whether your website is achieving the three main goals of a great athletic website: supporting athletes and coaches, elevating your program, and connecting with the community.



Start of Fall Season Support

The start of the fall season may bring up many questions. Our wonderful support team has created some resources and quick videos to help you get everything situated as you get into the fall season.





Your Team’s Starting Line-Up

Meet ReneValenzuela

“Most of my career has been in SaaS, and while in the SaaS industry, it’s always been in the Customer Care space, but this is my first venture into the sports industry. That’s what drew me to PrestoSports, I was ready for a change, and what’s more exciting than sports?

I’m probably going to be shunned for admitting this, but I’m not as an avid sports watcher as 99% of the Presto Team, but if you do catch me watching a sporting event, it’s either San Francisco 49ers Football or UofA NCAA Basketball (Go Wildcats!). I’ll tell you this – even with just a short time at Presto, I’m becoming invigorated to start watching more. And if you catch me out on the field, look for me playing defense on the soccer field.

A quick troubleshooting tip I’d like to share, and this can apply to any scenario:

Follow the UDAS methodology:

  • User: Is the issue being caused by user error or misinterpretation of the expected result

  • Data: Is the issue being caused by the data being entered (garbage in garbage out)

  • Application: Is there an issue with the application/software itself (a bug)

  • System: Is the issue being caused by a malfunction of the user’s system (faulty PC, operating system, web browser, etc.)

Quick Tips from an Insider


PrestoWeb clients can now optionally add individual and team stat totals to their team and players statistical templates, and now website series history margin of victory can be customized to each sport on your program’s site.

Have you checked out our new User Management portal! In a few short steps, assign teams to your account users,  fulfill team access requests, and manage all user permissions and stats application access in one single place.  Just added by popular demand, account administrators can assign all or groups of team RPIs and sports to an account user in a few short clicks!


Did you know that your PrestoWeb CMS account administrators can assign permissions to give your users and teams access to integrated stats, rosters, and schedule infographics to be added to your site pages and/or social media platforms?

Coming soon, PrestoShots users will be able to search for templates, retrieve team information for NCAA schools outside of the PrestoSports network, and interact with in-app messaging and guide tutorials that simplify the template creation and deployment processes.

Interested in trying out PrestoShots? Reach out to your client success manager to sign up for a trial account that’s integrated with the PrestoSports Super Suite today!


This week PrestoStats baseball users can view advanced reports for groups of teams in a single season.  Included in this phase are multiple team/team grouping advanced reports including combined, overall, situational, team game highs, leaders, line scores, results, per game, and many more to come!

The PrestoStats scoreboard integration with DAKtronics through PrestoSync is entering its second season this fall .  As we continue to add additional support for new sports, we are looking to work with your teams that are utilizing their scoreboard hardware to conduct live in-game compatibility testing. Please reach out to for more information!

Coming this fall, we’ll be adding Football to PrestoStats, completely changing the scorekeeper experience from the broadcast booth. If your team is using PrestoStats for football today and you’d like to try out the new platform this fall, reach out to to express your interest!

PrestoStream Studio

Learn more about streaming by watching this previously recorded webinar.

Contact your Client Success Manager to sign up for PrestoStream Studio today.


This month we’re introducing Gamecast, an upgraded way for fans to experience your games right on their phone. Fans can follow the action on the field as it happens, updating automatically as you enter stats. Already streaming? Streaming Player is also available right inside the event, making PrestoMobile a one-stop shop for fans craving your games. You can even pair Gamecast and Streaming together to give them an unparalleled view of the game and up to the second stats.

Stay Up to Date


Real-Time Updates

What’s going on?! Don’t wait and wonder, subscribe to our System Status Update to get real-time updates of any system issues and the expected timing for resolutions. You’ll save time by not reaching out to support and can stay focused on helping your team! You can receive these message updates through email, text, webhook, RSS, and Slack.

Engage Your Audience

Steal Our Sports Marketing Playbook

To meet new fan and program expectations athletic departments have to work as a seasoned team in every facet and in interaction with both athletes and fans. It’s a big ask of already lean departments – that’s the reason we created this playbook.

What’s inside: 

  • Downloadable Templates

  • Marketing Strength-building Exercises

  • Calendars to Keep you on Schedule

  • Work plans for Error-free Execution

 It’s everything you need to help get your team up to game speed in the shortest time possible. Complete the form to get your copy now.


Can We Help You? Have You Utilized the PrestoSports Partner Community Yet?

It’s time to take advantage of the PrestoSports partner community. It has many self-help and how-to guides, tutorials, and instructions to assist you with the latest features and get you ready for a new season. Check it out at