Newsletter | February 2023

By: Abby Rossi
February 22, 2023

PrestoSports Mythbusters

PrestoSports doesn’t offer 1:1 training.

PrestoSports has 1:1 training with subject matter experts.

PrestoSports Intake Form

The goal of our intake form is to help alleviate issues with our clients not knowing who to contact, how to contact, and getting routed to the incorrect department when trying to contact us.

Employee Spotlight

Meet Mandi Holcomb, Regional Sales Manager

Resident of: Melissa, Texas (my hometown) which is just north of Dallas.

Time at PrestoSports: is spent meeting new clients and helping them achieve their awesome athletic website desires. Oh wait, you mean as in time employed here? 43 days, 2 hours and 19 minutes

Family: 5 gorgeous kids; Ethan & Sophie are now married, Austin is a US Marine (oorah!), Maya is our Rodeo Queen, and the “baby” Rhett, 15 is our 6’4 high school’s Varsity football team’s lineman. I also have 1 grandbaby on the way and a hot cop husband that protects the City of Dallas for the last 16 years!

Hobbies: refinishing furniture, planting and successfully killing flowers, traveling and running (…my mouth)

What I am Currently Binge-watching: Vikings Valhalla and GoT Season 5

Most Recent Accomplishment: ziplined through the rainforest and caves in Belize last week and didn’t die like mama warned me I would. Also, traveling to Houston over Christmas with Hockey great, Peter Mahovlich and visiting children’s orphanages dressed up as Santa and Mrs Claus. That was pretty epic!

Why I Enjoy Working at PrestoSports: I love representing companies that share the same passion for supporting their customer’s needs and have products that I can stand behind.

Favorite Quote/Words to Live By: ‘People may not remember what you said, but they will remember how you made them feel’ (Maya Angelou)

Coming Soon! PrestoSports Core and Pro Website Designs on Themes 2.0

We heard your feedback and have created 10 new innovative website designs that your staff, athletes and fans will love! We have been working hard to design and build cutting edge designs at a fraction of the cost. These new pre-designed theme layouts will give your institution a modern web presence that meets your technical needs and builds your identity.

Quick Tips from An Insider

New Feature!

Does your school, conference, or organization host awards? Did you know PrestoSports has a solution to create, administer, and finalize athletic and athletic-academic awards? Already including a library of pre-defined or customized templates, along with Gameday CMS integrated nomination and voting services; today PrestoAwards is the leader in the industry.

In line with innovative design and performance strategy adopted throughout the new client and user management portals, the new stats entry platforms, and tournaments; The PrestoSports team is beginning to migrate and enhance the feature offering of PrestoAwards to optimize the administration process, offer additional award types, and develop front end award components that are integrated into your site! Interested in seeing what PrestoAwards can do today? Reach out to your sales or client success manager today!

Some additional core updates to PrestoWeb and CMS include:

  • Fixed an issue with baseball and softball statistics that caused incorrect pitch assignments when a substitution took place during an at bat.
  • Added confirmation message when users unsubscribe from a site email list
  • Added the ability to apply fractional point values to standings files, supporting half point overtime wins and losses.
  • Added default sort by uniform number to player stats CSVs.
  • Added start date and end date to standings templates to support split season formats.
  • Fixed issue where Women’s lacrosse box score coaches view was still displaying faceoffs as opposed to draw controls – CMS, Web, Stats

If you’re ever looking to see the most recent updates from PrestoSports, just click on the version number in the my account window.


Coming this fall, we’ll be adding a new and improved version of Football to PrestoStats, completely changing the scorekeeper experience from the broadcast booth. The complete stats experience will include roster management, custom rule application, end to end game entry, and standardized game report generation. If your school or conference has a football program, reach out to your sales or client success manager today to be onboarded for the fall!

The Presto Sports team has begun work on the next increment of Tennis and Flag Football, taking your feedback obtained last spring following the first beta release. Entering its second season, both platforms now include full roster management and event status integration with the PrestoSports Gameday CMS admin. Are you interested in using the new programs? If so, reach out to your sales or client success manager today!

Some additional core updates to PrestoStats include:

  • Mobile and tablet view support for flag football and tennis
  • Added ice hockey and water polo season XML and CSV download


Interested in trying out PrestoShots? Sign up for a trial account that’s integrated with the PrestoSports Super Suite today!

PrestoStream Studio

In addition to Football, Soccer, and Baseball, we’ve added Softball to the PrestoStats Automated score bug allowing you to highlight your sponsors and display live stats. Also, it couldn’t be more simple to use and enhance your production level! As long as you have access to start the game, you’ll have access to launch the score bug. Just look for the “Launch Scorebug” button next to “Launch PrestoStats.”

Contact your Client Success Manager to sign up for PrestoStream Studio today.


Have you checked out Gamecast? It’s the best way for fans to experience your games right through your PrestoMobile app! With Gamecast, fans can follow along with the action live stats as you enter them. And even better, if you are streaming with us, they video live too. Already streaming? Streaming Player is also available right inside the event, making PrestoMobile a one stop shop for fans craving your games. You can even pair Gamecast and Streaming together to give them an unparalleled view of the game and up to the second stats.

Real Time Updates

What’s going on?! Don’t wait and wonder, subscribe to our System Status Update to get real-time updates of any system issues and expected timing for resolutions. You’ll save time by not reaching out to support and can stay focused on helping your team! You can receive these message updates through email, text, webhook, RSS, and Slack.

Steal Our Sports Marketing Playbook

To meet new fan and program expectations athletic departments have to work as a seasoned team in every facet and in interaction with both athletes and fans. It’s a big ask of already lean departments – that’s the reason we created this playbook.

What’s inside:

  • Downloadable Templates
  • Marketing Strength-building Exercises
  • Calendars to Keep you on Schedule
  • Work plans for Error-free Execution

It’s everything you need to help get your team up to game speed in the shortest time possible.