Newsletter | July 2023

By: Abby Rossi
July 25, 2023

Summer Webinar Series

Looking for a way to enhance your knowledge of PrestoSports products and get ready for the upcoming season? Look no further than the Summer Webinar Series – Elevate Your Fan Experience.

Final Live Webinar in the Series:

Join Bethany Spaeth on August 8th at 2:30pm EST, as she provides insight on how clients can incorporate sponsors into the PrestoSports Super Suite. Gain suggestions on how to use PrestoSports platforms to monetize your team or athletic department.

Access the Recording | Elevate Your Brand with PrestoShots

Hear from Bethany Spaeth and Jalisa Gray from our Implementation Team as they highlight how PrestoShots helps you build your presence on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more. PrestoShots makes it easy to engage your fans on social media – all while maintaining your team’s brand as you highlight your wins and awesome player stats.

PrestoSports Mythbusters


“I don’t have a way to contact PrestoSports in a game day emergency.”


If a PrestoSports client encounters an issue that requires immediate attention – they can text (424) 477-3786 (424-4PRESTO). Then they will receive an automated message prompting a response for a few questions to help the PrestoSports team better resolve and address the issue. At that time, the Support Team will be notified, and respond to the client by phone or after directly resolving the issue and responding via email.

Game On! Don't Forget About These Helpful Tools

Are you running into roadblocks getting your athletic department on the right track for the school year? Don’t forget to utilize all of your PrestoSports resources, such as the Help Center, Office Hours, and our November webinar from 2022, Setting Up a Season.

PrestoAI | Customer Example

Have you been wanting to add PrestoAI to your toolbox, but aren’t sure if it could really help you? Our friends at Pratt Community College have been using the solution for some time now and would love to share an example. Writing press releases and blog posts doesn’t have to feel so complicated anymore and here is your proof!

Real Time Updates

What’s going on?! Don’t wait and wonder, subscribe to our System Status Update to get real-time updates of any system issues and expected timing for resolutions. You’ll save time by not reaching out to support and can stay focused on helping your team! You can receive these message updates through email, text, webhook, RSS, and Slack.