Newsletter | March 2023

By: Bethany Spaeth
March 21, 2024

PrestoStats 2.0

​​​​Last month, we released an update to our PrestoStats 2.0 platform. This update now allows the platform to transmit play-by-play data to CMS. As a result, you can now display live stats via Primetime and generate statistical pages on your website. This improvement will enhance the experience for users and fans who follow Flag Football statistics closely. They can now access live, up-to-date information that’s dynamically integrated into your PrestoWeb website.

This month, we’re working to bring the same improvements to our PrestoStats 2.0 platform for Tennis. You can expect some very exciting updates soon.

“Communication was the number one priority. We had a plan and updated vision in place in putting a new look on probably one of the oldest Presto sites.”
– David Elder, Georgia Collegiate Athletic Association  

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