Newsletter | October 2022

By: Abby Rossi
October 22, 2022

A Message from the President

Getting ready for the winter sports season, discover how you can get the most out of your technology investment with a new education series, streamlined support process, and exciting product updates.

You can view last month’s message here.

Winter Webinar Series

Are you new to the PrestoSports platform or just want a review of best practices? Join us for our upcoming Winter Webinar Series! Our series will be led by a number of our all-star subject matter experts covering topics and the key tools for Athletic Departments and they undergo their winter seasons.

  • Tuesday, November 8th – Setting Up a Season: How to & What Not to Do

  • Tuesday, December 6th – Tips & Tricks for Your News Releases

  • Tuesday, January 10th – Best Practices for Live Streaming Your Sports

PrestoSports Mythbusters

MYTH: PrestoSports Website templates.

FACT: PrestoSports offers 3 different Website Tiers, within the Core and Pro packages there are 10 Theme Layouts allowing you to select the design that best fits your content and adjust color themes, fonts, presentation and other aspects. All of our layout options can be previewed here.

Our third option allows for a Premium package in which you can customize our component options allowing for a unique design that best fits your program.

The New PrestoSports Intake Form

The goal of our new intake form is to help alleviate issues with our clients not knowing who to contact, how to contact, and getting routed to the incorrect department when trying to contact us.

“With the best of intentions, we currently offer a myriad of ways to contact support. The problem is that we often end up with triplicate submissions for the same ticket creating a massive backlog and making it impossible to respond in a timely manner. Also, within those submissions, there’s no automated way to determine whether the case is associated with an event happening that day, but we can now with our new intake form.” 

  • Marilyn Cox, President, PrestoSports

Your Team’s Starting Line-Up

Meet Dustin Drabek, Client Champion

Meet Client Champion Dustin Drabek

Dustin played many sports growing up, including little league baseball, basketball in junior high, and wrestling for Red Mountain High School. He also played volleyball at family events. He was born and raised in Arizona, which makes sense why his favorite teams are the Arizona Diamondbacks, Phoenix Suns, and the Dallas Cowboys.

Dustin studied Art at Mesa Community College and also studied Film at Scottsdale Community College. He has a passion and love for the Horror genre and collects horror memorabilia.

Prior to working at PrestoSports, Dustin worked for Verizon Wireless in their Customer Service department, as well as Technical Support. 3 years of that was Remote. His hobbies include gaming, art, acting, DnD, Magic the Gathering, music, coding, and film.

Quick Tips from An Insider

New Feature!
The PrestoStats Automated Scorebug frees you to focus on replays and sponsors by creating a high-quality scorebug fed by your live stats. And it couldn’t be more simple to use and enhance your production level! As long as you have access to stat the game, you’ll have access to launch the scorebug. Just look for the “Launch Scorebug” button next to “Launch PrestoStats.” Watch a quick overview video.

The PrestoStats scoreboard integration through PrestoSync is entering its second season this fall. Just added, now administrators have full control over user access permissions for PrestoSync. Are you interested in PrestoSync? Contact your client success manager to have it added to your package.

Coming this winter, we’ll be adding a new and improved version of Football to PrestoStats, completely changing the scorekeeper experience from the broadcast booth. If you have a tennis, football, or flag football program, reach out to your client success manager to try out the beta platforms today!

Are player uniform numbers on stats rosters becoming a problem for your team or league?  Does requiring unique uniform numbers across an entire team stats rosters pose a hurdle?  If so, you’ll be happy to learn that we have updated the validation constraints on shared roster updates to allow you to have multiple inactive players that share the same uniform number on a single roster! We’ve also added logic to avoid updating existing event XMLs when a player uniform number changes on a teams shared roster.

Some core updates to PrestoWeb and CMS include:

  • Updated attendance pages to only return home games for each team

  • Updated series history margin of victory to be sport specific

  • Added team names to career stats on networked bio pages

  • Added the ability to configure and set a sponsor logo on each content type

  • Added capability to integrate enhanced web forms with the Next College Student Athlete (NCSA) recruiting service using an assigned identifier for your organization.

  • New theme support for thumbnail attachments in secondary navigation bar

  • Changed box score XML download file naming convention to include event date and event id

  • Ability to display player photo and member school logos for team leaders on schedule pages

  • Added headshots to shared roster

  • Check out our new informational help badges throughout Presto CMS. Anytime you see an information icon, click for more details!

 Did you know?  Through Gameday CMS, PrestoWeb users can now add a start and end date to standings file templates that will generate rankings for specific teams within a specific period of scheduled events.

Have you checked out our new User Management portal! In a few short steps, assign teams to your account users,  fulfill team access requests, and manage all user permissions and stats application access in one single place.  Recently added by popular demand, account administrators can assign all or groups of team RPIs and sports to an account user in a few short clicks!


Did you know that your PrestoWeb CMS account administrators can assign permissions to give your users and teams access to integrated stats, rosters, and schedule infographics to be added to your site pages and/or social media platforms?

Coming soon, PrestoShots users will be able to search for templates, retrieve team information for NCAA schools outside of the PrestoSports network, and interact with in-app messaging and guide tutorials that simplify the template creation and deployment processes.

Interested in trying out PrestoShots? Sign up for a trial account that’s integrated with the PrestoSports Super Suite today!

PrestoStream Studio

Learn more about streaming by watching this previously recorded webinar.

Contact your Client Success Manager to sign up for PrestoStream Studio today.


This month we’re introducing Gamecast, an upgraded way for fans to experience your games right through your PrestoMobile app! With Gamecast, fans can follow along with the action live stats as you enter them. And even better, if you are streaming with us, they video live too. Already streaming? Streaming Player is also available right inside the event, making PrestoMobile a one-stop shop for fans craving your games. You can even pair Gamecast and Streaming together to give them an unparalleled view of the game and up-to-the-second stats.

Real-Time Updates

What’s going on?! Don’t wait and wonder, subscribe to our System Status Update to get real-time updates of any system issues and expected timing for resolutions. You’ll save time by not reaching out to support and can stay focused on helping your team! You can receive these message updates through email, text, webhook, RSS, and Slack.

Steal Our Sports Marketing Playbook

To meet new fan and program expectations athletic departments have to work as a seasoned team in every facet and in interaction with both athletes and fans. It’s a big ask of already lean departments – that’s the reason we created this playbook.

What’s inside: 

  • Downloadable Templates

  • Marketing Strength-building Exercises

  • Calendars to Keep you on Schedule

  • Work plans for Error-free Execution

 It’s everything you need to help get your team up to game speed in the shortest time possible.


Can We Help You? Have You Utilized the PrestoSports Partner Community Yet?

It’s time to take advantage of the PrestoSports partner community. It has many self-help and how-to guides, tutorials, and instructions to assist you with the latest features and get you ready for a new season. Check it out at