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Welcome to the Team!

PrestoSports all-in-one sports technology platform was created to elevate your athletes, draw in your fans, engage your community, and help fund your program. We’re also the Official Website, Statistics, Social Graphics, and Streaming provider for the NJCAA. Take advantage of the special offers for NJCAA members and join the thousands of programs already building their prescence with PrestoSports.


Your State-of-the-Art Digital Stadium

Give your program a show-piece venue where everyone can gather with a dedicated PrestoSports website. An all-in-one website solution, with integrated web, video, and stats, PrestoSports websites include custom design options, CMS, mobile apps, and social media features for a truly unified solution that simplifies your workflows.

PrestoStream Streaming

Show Your Teams to the World

PrestoStream is an advanced streaming solution built specifically for the understaffed needs of college sports programs. It enables your program to take back control of their productions, with the ability to geo-restrict content, test, and edit events 24/7, add multiple events at once, and more. And your audience is waiting: all NJCAA athletics events will be listed on the StretchLive portal and NJCAA OTT app.


The Simple Way to Spread the News

PrestoStats Platform provides real-time updates, creates extensive reports and is easy to use, simplifying your game days. Automatic updates of season stats, individual player stats, and game stats increase traffic to your site. PrestoStats will share data automatically with other websites within the PrestoSports network, eliminating multiple entries.

Scoreshots Social Graphics

Unique Graphics Build Your Presence

ScoreShots automates the creation of video and still graphics with a few clicks of the mouse. That’s made them the favorite of sports information directors everywhere. Now you can publish live data to social media or their website using custom infographics complete with the school’s colors, logo, and other graphics and share with fans watching or following anywhere, anytime.

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