Welcome NJCAA VIPs! 


"Because of the continued commitment from PrestoSports, we are able to elevate the overall vision of the NJCAA while enhancing the available resources that our members utilize on a day-to-day basis."

Dr. Christopher Parker

NJCAA President & CEO

Suffolk County

Congratulations to:

Suffolk County Community College


PrestoSports &
NJCAA Official Partnerships




Camp Management

United Tribes

Congratulations to:

United Tribes Technical College


“We’re proud to partner with NJCAA and assist in their mission to propel student-athletes forward in their college career and towards building better communities.”

Marilyn Cox

President, PrestoSports

Arkansas State

Congratulations to:

Arkansas State University Mid-South – Streaming

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Access and Key Skills 

The following are some key things you should know and links designed to optimize your experience with PrestoSports  

General Inquiries

Have a general question? Contact your dedicated Client Success Manager – Eboni Cotton!

Support Inquiries

Need to open a ticket? Complete the support intake form (be sure to select “National Junior College Athletic Association” in the drop down) and your dedicated Support Specialist Dustin Drabeck will reach out! 

Office Hours 

Need some 1:1 training time with an expert? Sign up for an Office Hours session.

Dedicated SMS line

You spoke, and we listened! Based on your feedback, we have created a new process that will resolve the biggest issue we hear from clients – the inability to get an immediate response for urgent support requests. Those requests primarily fall into the live event category (live stats and live streaming). The new process is simple and consists of a few easy steps but is only to applied to true emergent or emergency issues: 

  1. When you encounter an issue that requires immediate attention, text (424) 477-3786 (424-4PRESTO). Please note: this process is ONLY for VIP clients and ONLY for URGENT requests. If it is not of an urgent nature, your case will not receive attention.
  2. You will receive an automated message explaining the process and short follow-up questions to complete your submission.
  3. After submission, your issue will be sent directly to our Support Team for immediate review.
  4. Our Support Team will then begin triaging your case to determine if they can solve it immediately or if additional information is required.
  5. You’ll receive a communication that your issue is resolved or a phone call from a Specialist for the next steps. 

Note: If you do not receive an immediate response once you submit your text inquiry, it may be because your provider is blocking our text messages or your request is not of an emergency nature. If you believe it is an emergency, you can try from another line, contact your provider to have them unblock us, contact your Client Success Manager, or submit your inquiry via the Support Intake Form.

Real-time Status Updates

Get real-time status updates to pinpoint system issues instantly.

System Skill Refresher 

User Management

Seasons change, people come and go. It happens. Make sure that your team is set up with the appropriate credentials to do their work

Season Set Up 

Getting started right is key – and season setup is one area where the NJCAA has some differences, specifically “Shared Season Setup.” Season setup must be complete before adding season content. 

Update Navigation 

Editing the navigation is simple, but not something you do every day. Check out these articles.