Pay Per View Live Streaming

By: Chris Sapp
May 29, 2022
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A Guide to PPV Live Streaming

5 years ago you might have only ever watched something like MMA or Boxing as a Pay Per View event. During COVID restrictions in most areas we got used to streaming events more often on more kinds of devices. With subscriptions to streaming services a normal part of life it’s a lot easier to introduce pay-per-view streaming to your audience.

Remember, it costs money to go to an event and it can cost money to be a donor for our Schools, Colleges, and Universities. This is simply another way for your audience to support your athletes and organizations.

How Much Does This Cost Me?

We use a revenue split on PPV event and package purchases to pay for the service. We always seek to make this profitable for you and put you in position to see the benefits of your streaming.

How To Start The Conversation

First, think about what your big goals are and what part this plays. Do you want to charge less to encourage more purchases? Do you need to charge more to cover the cost of live streaming and be able to upgrade equipment each season? Everyone’s budget and goals are different, you can always start the conversation with us if you want some help.

Viewing Options

Presto Stream gives your viewers access through computer and mobile device browsers as a standard. From those devices our video player supports casting to a larger screen (on compatible devices). Over-The-Top (OTT) boxes such as Roku, Fire TV, Android TV and Apple TV are available as well. PPV is determined by the home team, so road games depend on the host’s options.

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