Power Up Your Mobile Fan Engagement.

Deepen engagement with your mobile-first fans, drive revenue, and collect valuable insights with PrestoMobile, the leading mobile app that integrates seamlessly with PrestoWeb and PrestoStream. Put your dedicated fans just a click away from their favorite team’s information and video, all while you collect valuable sponsor and fan data.

The Next Gen Sports Mobile App

Everyone knows what a mobile app can do. What no one appreciates is how complex it can be to keep a mobile app and website and stats in sync. That’s what’s different about PrestoMobile. It enables you and your team to deliver big capabilities with streamlined efficiency. Integration with PrestoWeb, PrestoStream, and PrestoStats (the foundation of PrestoSports Super Suite) eliminates redundancy and having to upload stats in two different places. With Gamecast, fans can stay up to date with the live stats you input and even watch the event stream live if you’re using PrestoStream. Promotional content enables you to reward your sponsors and your most loyal fans, driving even more interest and revenue for your programs!

Enhance the Fan Experience for Everyone, Anywhere

Electrify gameday with team schedules, rosters, geofenced content, custom mapping, and points of interest.

Deepen fan engagement with second-screen interactions full of live stats, streaming media, aggregated content, and social feeds.

Highlight your student-athletes and performances to build fan and community connections.

Strengthen Your Program and Brand

Build your brand presence and recognition with a consistent presence from your app to the website to merchandise to venues.

Drive revenue with native sponsor placements, merchandise and concessions, and other promotions outlined in the PrestoMobile Promotions playbook.

Collect fan insights to develop more engagement, increase sales, and drive more value for sponsors.

Integrated FanCam and more than 20 other modules allow you to create a truly unique and engaging fan experience.

Streamlined Workflows for You and Your Teams
  • Touch it once – built-in integration with PrestoWeb means content updates and additions are a breeze.

  • Stat integration means everything is updated in real time with minimal work and opportunities for errors.

  • In-app social feeds let you get your message to fans across platforms from everyone’s favorite source – their mobile device.

Drive Revenue for Your Organization
  • Directly offset costs of the app with sponsorships.

  • Sell tickets directly through the app.

  • Launch and manage fundraising campaigns.

Choose the Level that’s Right for Your Program

  • 6 features

  • Container app (branded as PrestoMobile)

  • Integration with PrestoWeb

  • 12 features

  • Client-branded app

  • The app’s home screen can include video content, unlimited sponsorship and many other features

  • Integration with PrestoWeb