The sports fundraising platform of champions.

Winning on the field requires raising funds off the field. PrestoRaise provides you with a powerful set of tools to simplify your operations, increase your funding, and build fan engagement. Maybe best of all, it’s integrated with both PrestoWeb and PrestoMobile, making launching and tracking your efforts as seamless as possible. That’s a win, win, win, win – a lot of winning.

Next-Gen Sports Fundraising

Raising the funds necessary to run a competitive athletic program is one of the biggest issues facing every organization. It’s become a year-round competition, if not a measured requirement, that can be a drain on staff time and other resources. That’s where PrestoRaise gives you an advantage. Integrated with your existing solutions, and with no out-of-pocket costs, easy set-up, complete transparency, and instant reporting, PrestoRaise tools empower you to run your campaigns your way, while providing reporting and consistency across the athletic department.

Your Program, Your Control
  • A dedicated campaign website and campaign management system

  • Integrated with both PrestoWeb and PrestoMobile
  • No out-of-pocket expenses thanks to a small convenience fee
  • Track campaign progress in real-time from anywhere
  • Access your funds on your terms
  • Targeted funding for projects from large to small
  • Simple and transparent pricing and payouts
  • Set appropriate access and permissions for different users
What Fans Want

Fans are starving for ways to feel part of the team and make a difference. When presented with smart and fun opportunities, they are more than willing to leap in and help with both their wallets and time. Learn more about real-world fundraising success.