PrestoSport PreSeason ’23 Summer Conditioning 

By: Devin Meister
July 28, 2023
Get the skills you need this season for your PrestoSports system.

Better than 2-a-days, at least less sweaty and shorter (hopefully) getting your PrestoSports systems in shape for fall is a matter of mastering the fundamentals. Just like any sport, start right, get in your reps, and the rest will take care of itself.  The best part? With PrestoSports you won’t need nearly as many reps once you’re set up. We looked back at last year’s stats and identified the biggest hurdles for customers getting ready for the season. Here are five key skills you need to start your season flying.  

1. Get the Team Signed Up – User Management

The new kids can’t play if they don’t have the equipment they need. Go to the User Management portal to create and add user profiles. Now is also a good time to update permissions, clear out any past team members, and set up temporary access for users from other schools or teams. That will make game day a breeze.  


2. Issue the Right Keys – Adding New Teams/RPIs

Once a user is added, you’ll need to edit and control permissions. Just like keys to your facilities and offices, this ensures that they’ll have appropriate access but also help your department be smart about who has access, to what, and where. We’ve even created a step-by-step video to make it as clear as possible. 


3. Lay the Groundwork – Season Setup/Season Rollover

We know you want to run ahead to content … but ease into your work out. Warm up before your sprints and complete the Season Setup to add all of the necessary files to your website. This must be completed for each sport, for each season. This creates the foundation for all of your work ahead. 

If you happen to be in a league or conference that utilizes a “shared season,” you’ll have a few extra steps to complete. Check them out – we even put a video here.  

4. Tell Your Story – Adding/editing content

You have a number of ways to showcase what’s important to your program and fans. From rotating news stories to scoreboards to feature athletes and more, get tips and tricks to match your seasons and stories with the right components.  

5. Roll with the Changes – Adding/Editing Schedules

Updating the schedules is obviously a key activity. Don’t think so? Try not doing it and let us know the reaction you get. But no matter what, the best laid plans are always subject to change. Weather, rainouts, referee issues, or a pandemic, things happen and change. No worries. You’ve got it mastered. 



Ready for Advanced Moves?

These five steps will get you started and moving in the right direction. Your PrestoSports systems are the most advanced in the industry and have a lot more to offer. If you have question on what’s possible or how to do anything, be sure to check out more of the how-to’s we’ve assembled in our library.