PrestoSports – PrestoStats

Technical Specifications and Guidelines

To begin, use any of the Internet browser versions listed below.  Although the apps are supported offline, ensure you have a reliable internet connection when you launch PrestoStats for an event 

Current Browsers Supported by PrestoSports Stats Entry platforms:

  • Google Chrome Version 10 and up
  • Mozilla Firefox Version 3.5 and up
  • Safari Version 4 and up
  • Opera Version 10.6 and up
  • Internet Explorer Version 9 and up
  • (Internet Explorer Version 8 can stat games but does not support an offline mode)
  • iOS Version 3.2 and up
  • Android Version 2.1 and up
  • Opera Mobile Version 11 and up

Note: Suggested browser is Google Chrome version 10 and up

These are browser-based apps. Do not click on your browser’s back and forward button to change between screens on the app. This will cause you to log out from the app, move to a different website, and result in a potential loss of data.