Secure Digital Ticketing for Everyone.

PrestoTickets is a secure ticketing solution that provides a fast purchasing experience for fans and a cost-effective solution for teams – it’s free. With an easy-to-use QR code scan system, PrestoTickets makes every event entry a quick, seamlessly managed, and professional experience. And because it’s natively integrated with PrestoMobile, getting started and managing all of your digital tickets is a snap.

Easy Ticketing For You & Your Fans

The PrestoTickets platform offers contactless ticketing that is easy to set up and makes your fans’ event experience a win before they even get to the venue. Designed to work for anyone from high schools to the pros, see what PrestoTickets can do for you.

Purchase Tickets in Seconds

At home or at the venue, your fans can purchase tickets anytime they want, in as little as 10 seconds. You can offer your tickets through the PrestoMobile app, on your website, or as part of the PrestoSports fan engagement platform.

Scan & Go

When a fan arrives at the venue, scan their ticket and they’re ready to enjoy your event. If someone purchased multiple tickets for a group, you only need to scan the one ticket to admit the whole group. No need to scan separate codes making entry quick and smooth.

Transfer Tickets in a Snap

If a fan needs to split up their tickets or can’t make the event, transferring tickets is simple. Just select a ticket and an email address, and you’re done. The transferred ticket will even show who it came from.