Pushing Your Athletic Website to Go the Extra Mile

By: Devin Meister
April 14, 2022
HIgh schools need a dedicated athletic web site.

In sports, we praise the players that give 110%, go the extra mile, and put in the work. We know that’s what brings success in sports now and later in life. The same is true with your athletic program. The website is your program’s online face to the world. Is it giving you its all? Consider the following questions and whether your website is achieving the three main goals of a great athletic website: supporting athletes and coaches, elevating your program, and connecting with the community.

Support Your Athletes and Coaches

  • Can we highlight individual athletes and teams?

  • Can recruiters find information about our athletes?

  • Can we easily share information with recruiters?

  • Are all of the schedules up to date?

  • Can future athletes find the information they need?


Elevate Your Program

  • Do other area schools have a dedicated site yet?

  • Can we include news and video to tell our story?

  • Do we feature all of our programs equally?

  • Can we change our focus between teams and seasons?

  • Can other schools find our contact information?

  • Is information about all of our facilities readily available?

  • Can parents of athletes find the information they need?


Build Connections with Your Community

  • Can our community trust us for information?

  • Can we supplement local media coverage?

  • Are we a viable news resource outside of our area?

  • Can alumni stay connected with the program?



Why the School Website Doesn’t Work for Your Athletic Program

You can’t get there from here. That’s what visitors feel when they try to find athletic information on your typical school website. Sports have specific requirements that aren’t easily accommodated by traditional education sites. That’s why nearly all college programs have adopted dedicated athletic sites. The same thing is happening now in high schools thanks to the affordability and revenue generation potential.


Check out this graphic that quickly details the different paths and schedule a quick tech consultation to see how you can achieve your three main goals and increase funding for your program.

Most school website user experiences fall short of optimal and prevent visitors from getting what they want.