Fees and Payments FAQ

Q. What are the costs to set up camps on my site?

A. After the yearly setup fees, processing (credit card fee) fee will be taken out for each transaction. This is about 2.2-3% for credit cards and 2.6% for PayPal Express Checkout (fees varies slightly depending on type of payment). An additional 3% will go to PrestoSports to cover PCI compliance, technical support, and development. 

Q. When will I receive my revenue checks?

A. You will receive revenue checks once per month, for the previous month’s revenue. For example, we will send you the September revenue check in October. If you did not have any registrations in September, you will not receive a check in October. 

Q. How will I know which registrations are included in the each revenue check?

A. Along with each revenue check, you will receive a detailed revenue report. This includes a camp by camp breakdown of each registration: name/email address, order number, date purchased, gross amount, credit card fee amount, and net amount.

Q. Can I split up my revenue checks for each sport?

A. Yes! We can split up your revenue checks any way you'd like. For each contact we'll need to know who to make the check out to, and which address to send the check to. Email katie.butz@prestosports.com to add more revenue check options to your site. 

Q. How are the payments processed?

A. PrestoSports will process the payments and send you monthly revenue checks. After your camper completes the registration and clicks the “Submit” button, they will be directed to the payment page. Registrations are not accepted without payment.

Q. Are your payments secure?

A. Yes! PrestoSports is PCI compliant. The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is a set of requirements designed to ensure that ALL companies that process, store or transmit credit card information maintain a secure environment. Every 3 months PrestoSports will participate in a scan of our system to ensure we are still complaint. Email katie.butz@prestosports.com for the most recent Compliance Certificate.

Q. What happens if I refund a camper? 

A. PrestoSports will process the refund amount you request. The fixed processing fees from the original transaction will come out of your next revenue check. PrestoSports does not keep our 3% revenue split for refunded registrations. 

Q. What happens if I cancel and refund my entire camp?

A. If you cancel your entire camp, please keep in mind you will owe the fixed processing fees for each registration. If you have other camps included in the same revenue check for that same month, we will take those fees out of that revenue. If you do not have any other registrations, we will send you an invoice for the amount. 

Q. What happens if I cancel and refund my camp after I've received a revenue check?

A. If you've already received revenue checks for the camp, we'll email you to ask you to send the uncashed check back, and/or write us a check for the amount you owe. We will include a detailed report showing the registrations, refunds and fees. We will also include an official invoice for any amount owed. 

Q. What's a chargeback? 

A. A chargeback is when a camper files a dispute with their bank, claiming they did not authorize the camp registration charge. When this happens, our team notifies both you and the camper, explaining what the charge was for. We'll ask for all communication to be forwarded back to us, so we can show the bank that the customer understood and agreed to the charge. By sharing this "proof" with the bank, we're more likely to win the chargeback case so you don't lose any money. 

Q. What happens if we lose a chargeback? 

A. If the camper wins the chargeback, they will automatically be refunded the full amount of the registration, plus there will be an additional $20 chargeback fee issued by the bank. These will be factored in to your next month's revenue report. If you do not have any new revenue the following month, an invoice will be sent to you from Clubessential. If the camper wins the chargeback dispute, it will be up to you whether you cancel their registration, or work to re-collect payment. We suggest to pass along the $20 chargeback fee to the camper since they did originally agree to the charge.

Q. Are there any reasons PrestoSports would hold our revenue checks?

The only reason PrestoSports would hold a revenue check would be for funds owed to PrestoSports. This could be for camp refunds OR unpaid invoices from the Athletic Department for website services, mobile apps, etc. We will notify you if any revenue checks are being held.