SID Help Transfer

Why and What You Need to Know

Content Included in the Transfer:

  • News
  • Rosters
  • Schedules
  • Coaches bios (current year)
  • Internal Pages – Non-Custom (Typically this consists of all pages under the Manage Pages tab in SIDHelp admin)

Content NOT Included in the Transfer:

  • Ads
  • Facility pages
  • Forms
  • Photo galleries
  • Fan polls
  • Splash pages
  • Stats files
  • Social media
  • Subscriber info (lists/contacts)
  • Admin bios
  • Featured athletes
  • Hall of fame/honors
  • Videos
  • Changeable site backgrounds
  • Awards
  • Member team pages
  • Trophy pages

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What’s happened and why do I need to convert my SIDHelp website to the PrestoSports web CMS (PrestoWeb)?
A: We were alerted by AWS that beginning April 30, 2023, they will no longer support the PHP and MySQL used to construct the SIDHelp CMS. This is out of our control. Much like your cell phone or computer software requires continual updates to operate safely and ensure performance, the SIDHelp CMS is no exception. However, due to the decision by AWS, it is no longer feasible to update the software in a way that works with the current website space and consumer expectations.

Q: When do I need to convert my SIDHelp website to the PrestoSports web CMS (PrestoWeb)?
A: Any school currently on the SIDHelp CMS platform will need to convert their site to the PrestoSports web CMS by April 1, 2023. AWS will stop supporting this PHP and MySQL version by April 30, 2023.

Q: What if my website contract expires before the sunsetting of my SIDHelp site?
A: Please contact to discuss a contract extension for your SIDHelp site, expiring April 1, 2023, plus the renewal of your site built on the PrestoWeb CMS platform.

Q: What is involved with converting my SIDHelp website to the PrestoSports web CMS (PrestoWeb)?
A: Once your contract renewal or addendum is completed a member of our Implementation Team will start the process to re-design your website. The typical timeline is about 8 – 12 weeks from start to finish. Our team will transfer your data as mentioned above during this timeframe and the initial build of the website. Please contact to discuss your contract renewal or addendum.

Q: What benefits will I gain from the PrestoSports web CMS (PrestoWeb)?
A: PrestoSports is investing resources and development efforts to continually improve this web CMS. All future enhancements will apply to this CMS platform. PrestoWeb is already integrated with the NAIA website and official stats solution. PrestoWeb also provides support for our new PrestoMobile app, PrestoShots and much more.

Q: How does this impact the NAIA National SIDHelp website?
A: The NAIA National SIDHelp website will not be impacted by this April 1, 2023 conversion date. We’re currently working with the NAIA office to plan for an April 2024 conversion date.

Q: What are my next steps?
A: To begin the conversion process, please contact to initiate scheduling the transition or ask any additional questions.