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How it Works

Once the 'Camps' tab is activated on your site you can manage pending, active, and archived camp events, as well as your contacts, with a click of a button. Setting up a new camp only requires 8 simple steps.


Enter the camp details, like title, sport, available slots, dates, and times.


Add a description of the camp event that will appeal to your audience.


Identify what questions you want to capture about your campers.


Repeat this process to collect information about the parents of your campers.


Define your required waiver and emergency contact information.


Allow opt-in notifications from your registrants.


Provide us with payment details so that we can fund your account each week.


Detail your promotion strategy.


There's no need to track down parents, manage stacks of cash, or setup your own payment processing service - we handle everything for you! With PrestoCamps, simply tell us how much to charge for each camp and provide us with your banking information. We will automatically process and verify each camper's payment, then send funds to you within a few days less a nominal processing fee. Plus, if you need to pay multiple coaches or deal with a chargeback, we provide the tools to make it an easy process.

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"As the person who sets up the camps online, the new system is super easy to use and integrate into our website! Awesome assistance from your staff too when we have questions!"

Ann King The Sage Colleges