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PrestoStats Platform

PrestoStats Platform provides real-time updates, creates extensive reports and is easy to use. Automatic updates of season stats, individual player stats, and game stats increase traffic to your site. PrestoStats will share data automatically with the NCAA and other websites within the PrestoSports network. You can easily enter data using a keyboard with familiar keystrokes, mouse or touch screen to stats plays. The web-based platform works offline and you also have use of a post-game scoresheet entry system for all stats not compiled in-game. Statistical files are compatible with CBS StatCrew, Genius, and DakStats, allowing schools to export and import packed game files, XML and roster files.

  • Flag football
  • Tennis
  • Professional Career Stats

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Live Stats Platform

Through your website, you have use of a custom-built Live Stats Platform that is powered directly from the scorer's table using stat entry software. This solution automatically integrates into your website and updates scoreboards, stats, schedules, and calendars dynamically. This is all available for football, basketball, soccer, field hockey, ice hockey, lacrosse, volleyball, baseball, and softball. Don't have a PrestoSports website? You can still send live stats to your team sites and scoreboards through the Gameday APIs and PrestoSync, allowing you to pass statistics to or from your in-venue scoreboards.

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"Presto stat entry is amazingly intuitive and allows us to be more efficient. We rely heavily on student workers and it is often difficult to find students who are able and willing to work consistently, particularly entering stats. The ease of Presto allows us to be able to train effectively and efficiently. The accessibility of information of others within the Presto network saves valuable time leading up to the event, as well as following an event and cuts out numerous, inefficient steps that most have come accustomed to."

Brandon Johnson Sports Information Director