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A Streaming Solution Like No Other

Imagine the knowledge and expertise that you'd gain if you spent fifteen years doing just one thing... and doing it better than anyone else. By all accounts you'd be an expert, and you would have learned many lessons and best practices that you could pass on. StretchLive is just that -- a solution that has been built by the recognized leaders and innovators in the college sports streaming industry, Stretch. Building upon our experience, our team embarked on a massive undertaking -- build the best solution in the industry leveraging the knowledge and experience gained. Learn from past lessons. Build the solution that you've always wanted. That's StretchLive.

StretchLive & Streaming
StretchLive & Streaming

Improve Workflows

StretchLive enables your program to take back control of their productions. With the ability to geo-restrict content, test, and edit events 24/7, add multiple events at once, end events, and start the archive process within minutes, they can operate at their speed and on their terms. Using your program's best practice workflows, your program can create event templates and apply them across future events, projecting a consistent brand and visitor experience. One login simplifies the management of the platform with three different permission levels to ensure control along with appropriate access. Pass and packages options give you viewing control to match the event or program, including single event passes, single day passes, time-frame base passes, and recurring 30-day passes

Elevate Your Program Brand and Fan Experience

When engaging with your program's brand, fans expect a frictionless experience. StretchLive is an immersive fan experience within one interface. Fans can sign-up once with a monthly auto-debit. Programs can embed the streaming viewer directly into their preferred platform including their website (not restricted to PrestoSports websites) or a separate portal. The interactive experience for fans is enhanced with an integrated live stats viewer as well as a Schedule integration for PrestoWeb customers to enter and edit contests in Game Day. Fans can also access the on-demand stream within minutes.


StretchLive Advantages

  • Work on your schedule with the ability to start, stop, and test events 24/7
  • Bring your best practices utilizing your own workflow, processes, and templates.
  • Improved Portal streamlines efficiency with the ability to embed videos on virtually any compatible platform.
  • Target Audiences and Packages with geo-restrictions to meet league obligations and fan expectations.
  • Easily embed the StretchLive player into your website.

StretchLive Fan Advantages

  • Watch HD streams (up to 1080p) with multiple screen layouts-including full screen.
  • A truly immersive, unified experience for everything fans want - game stats and scores, event-specific tweets, instant highlights, and recent plays.
  • Quick One-Time Sign Up allows access to the on-demand stream within minutes.
  • Monthly Auto-Debit Option ensures they never miss a minute of the action.