Stats Partners

With the Stats Partners link, you can now push live stats to any provider.

We’ve successfully tested sending stats to ESPN and have worked with SIDEARM, CBS and Stretch Internet to automatically save their FTP settings into our system. All you will need to enter is your appropriate account information.

Head to the Live Stats tab in Game day and click the “Stat partners” link to make your adjustment.

To send stats to other providers through StatJack, follow the steps below.

  1. Sign into PrestoSports and choose the Game day tab
  2. Select [manage season] for the appropriate sport
  3. Select the Live Stats tab
  4. Select the Stat partners link
  5. Under Options at the right, select [edit partners]
  6. Check the box next to the partner and provide the correct information
  7. Repeat for all applicable sports in this season

– When sending stats to SIDEARM, the path would be the /sportpath/filename.xml (for example, /mhockey/1.xml)

– When sending stats to Stretch Internet, they will provide a specific ID for your game. This needs to be the gameid received in the XML.

  1. Save your game as the specific ID Stretch Internet has provided. PrestoSports will extract this from the XML file to send to Stretch Internet.
  2. When your game is complete, the file may be changed for whatever you wish.

For more information on pushing live stats to other providers, click here to read the blog.