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Adding Content
to Your Presto Site

Welcome to PrestoSports!

To start adding content, please be sure you are signed into your Presto website. If you are not sure what the URL of your Presto website is, or what your log-in information is, please contact your Project Manager.

Upon sign-in you will be re-directed to the Game day tab. From there, please follow the below instructions to begin content adding.

If you need further clarification on the below instructions or have any general content adding questions, please contact your Project Manager directly.

Completing Season Setup

*This should always be the first step completed when beginning to add content for any particular sport/season.
Please watch the above video first before attempting to add any content*

Adding Schedules

Player Bios




If you would like more information on the Game day page and the functionality of other tabs, please refer to our Help Center: