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Client Care Webinar Series Episode 1

Client Care webinar series, Episode 1, how to add rosters, stats, content, and more.

In this webinar series, we are going to cover an array of topics related to our own features and services, as well as share some best practices that we know you, as partners, deal with daily. In this first episode the topics covered include:

GameDay Tab - How to set up a season and create an event

Rosters - How to create an aging roster, add players, and add stats 

Content - From updating the Navbar to featuring videos and much more

Q&A - The team takes viewer questions!


Webinar Details

Title: Client Care Webinar Series, Episode 1


Meet Your Hosts and Presenters

  • Charles Campbell, Director of Operations
  • Neal Brown, Client Champion
  • Katie Butz,  Client Champion
  • Nick Oliver, Client Champion