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StretchCast - What's New for 2021

Think you know StretchCast sports streaming? Think again.

Think you know StretchCast? Think again. Check out all of the new StretchCast features and revisit existing ones, all created to make you more productive and enhance the experience for viewers:

Full-Screen Video Motion Graphics  NEW!  Live Streaming and Monitoring Now Available - stream to us and have an NDI or HDMI stream for monitoring locally or across the network. Great for providing feeds inside of Press Boxes and to President and Athletic Director Suites.

Picture-in-Picture   NEW! RTMP and RTSP ingest - add cameras from IP Cameras sources and Automated Production Products (e.g. Pixellot, Hudl Focus)

Pre Recorded Content Playback   NEW! Support Pixellot or Hudl Focus - incorporate hands-free video capabilities into your events. 

Two and Four Camera/Video Source Maximum Two and Four Camera/Video Source Maximum to offer multiple perspectives just like the networks.

Stream to Popular Destinations  Stream to Popular Destinations like PrestoSports, RTMP and Switchboard Live integrations, wherever your audience is.

Commercial Break Builder  Commercial Break Builder enables you to set up commercial breaks on the fly or before the broadcast begins and fire with one click to meet your obligations.

Audio Support for two audio sources   Audio Support for multiple audio sources that can be mixed in the application for depth and realism no matter attendance.


 What Attendees Had to Say

"Great line of upgrades, thanks!"


"Thanks again for all the hard work on these updates!!"


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