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PrestoSports Recorded Webinar: Big-Play Plans for 2020

PrestoSports is hosting a webinar to reveal big-play plans for 2020.

When the ball for 2020 Drops, we’re running with it! Check out this recorded webinar hosted by J.D. Fox, Director of Partnerships and Product Management.

Recording Details: Wednesday, January 15 at 2 pm ET


  • An insiders' preview of the NCAA Convention – What we’re featuring and what we expect

  • A 2020 Product Roadmap Update – Where we’re headed this year

  • StretchLive Portal – Get a glimpse of the much-anticipated UI changes coming

  • BIG-Play Plans for 2020 – We’ve drawn up some winners, be the first to hear about our special game-changing announcements

  • Q&A