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PrestoSports Recorded Webinar: Big-Play Plans for 2020

With the evolution of technology, moments can be shared and can connect people from all around the world. That is the true power of live streaming - JD Fox

When the ball for 2020 Drops, we’re running with it! Check out this recorded webinar hosted by J.D. Fox, Director of Partnerships and Product Management.

Recording Details: Wednesday, January 15 at 2 pm ET


  • An insiders' preview of the NCAA Convention – What we’re featuring and what we expect

  • A 2020 Product Roadmap Update – Where we’re headed this year

  • StretchLive Portal – Get a glimpse of the much-anticipated UI changes coming

  • BIG-Play Plans for 2020 – We’ve drawn up some winners, be the first to hear about our special game-changing announcements

  • Q&A